Google Could Be Considering The Sale of Motorola to Huawei

It was the month of August 2011. An era where companies do not tend to make large movements, we all deserve a break. However, the fifteenth day a news it shook the world of technology and mobile phones. Google buys Motorola 12,500 million.

Since that announcement it has rained enough. The purchase intent seemed obvious: get Motorola patents to fight legal pulses against other companies in the sector. In fact, it was the own Rubin who said that this move would not affect the relationship between the two companies and that both would be independent. Eight months later, it seems that they don’t know what to do with Motorola on Google.

According to the Wallstreet Journal in Mountain View are considering what to do with Motorola. Beyond continue to maintain their own business line in Google no one has clear how benefit to the company, or at least not in an efficient way. One of the options that might be considering: sell it to Huawei.

At first glance, this movement would not have too significant implications. However, and this is an opinion in view of how is the sector, I think that more than one company and agency would be opposed that a Chinese company acquired the American giant. It’s just an appreciation, but we will see in what is all this.

That Yes, the movement has logic that one thing does not remove the other. Google is focused on the web and offer digital services. A dynamic different from carrying Motorola. Once they have managed to pack patents, and in view that there is a grand plan behind, makes sense wanting it will sell to a company in expansion as Huawei.

For the time being they are nothing more than rumours But if true, it will be interesting to see the reaction of other companies such as HTC, LG and Samsung. Already in his day these three, as well as many others, showed its approval when Google announced the acquisition while Motorola could become the darling of Mountain View. We will see in what is.