Google Could Name a Dennis Woodside as The New CEO of Motorola Mobility

It seems that soon we will learn more about the future of Motorola after being bought by Google. After a week of be-approved purchase both by the U.S. Justice Department and the European Commission come out rumors about the future of the current CEO of Motorola.

Since Bloomberg report that Sanjay Jha, the current CEO of Motorola, has the days contacts in that office. According to very reliable sources confirm them that Google will announce in the coming days to Dennis Woodside as the new CEO of Motorola Mobility.

Dennis Woodside joined Google in 2003, and throughout all this time has been in various positions within the company, as Director of business operations, General Manager of emerging markets, CEO, Google Vice President United Kingdom, Vice President Latin America and senior Vice President of Google.

Dennis Woodside is currently responsible for overseeing the purchase of Motorola at the request of Larry Page, the CEO of Google, and practically gives confirmed that once the purchase Woodside will be appointed officially as CEO of Motorola.

Be certain these rumors confirmed that Google bought Motorola for more than just their patents and that there will be major changes at Motorola, not be maintained as a separate company as they were led to believe when they announced their purchase. To be in charge of Motorola an important employee of Google forward already we can expect Android devices with the Android clean interface and better support in updates.