GU10 LED Lamp Test

(1) OSRAM halogen lamps: Halopar 16 64820 FL, ALU, 35 Watt, GU10 version

(2) LUMIXON LED lamp, 18 SMD LEDs, 2.5 watts, about 200 lumens brightness, GU-0074

Inventory: Pentax K20D camera. Lens: Tamron AF 18-200mm 1: 3.5-6.3 (IF) macro, tripod, test box with two versions.

First pictures were made in a Manuel darkened module so that you can better judge the rays of light and light intensity.

While the aperture on F3 would 5, exposure, 1/350, 400 ISO and focal length 27mm set.

The lamps test is there is not a 1 to 1 luminous intensity getraue. In the original, the lamps light much brighter!

According to the LUMIXON LED to can replace a 35-40 Watt halogen lamp lamp with 18 SMD LEDs. The two lamps, we want to make a comparison with the tests.

Here are the first image where we want to compare the two lamps.

An OSRAM halogen lamp is compared with LED lamp by LUMIXON.

As you can see, keep the LED lamp by LUMIXON what promises you. Uniform light distribution, wide viewing angle, and optimum illumination of objects. The halogen lamp has a Gegelförmigen beam.

OSRAM 64820

On the next screens we tried to allow as much as possible represent the light ratio high-fidelity. The following settings would be taken: aperture of F4, exposure 1/45, ISO 140, focal length 24mm.

Comparison of OSRAM halogen and LUMIXON LED lamp

OSRAM halogen GU10

The halogen lamp can be seen very well, that this lamp is suitable very well as point lighting. The illuminated target standing object including. The LED lamp has compared a 120° angle and emits the light to the sides well.

LED GU10 lamp

With the tests, we have proven that the LED lamp by LUMIXON with 18 SMD LEDs makes exactly that what you want to have. This LED lamp can replace a conventional halogen spot easily. With the switch on the LED you must not forgo lamps brightness. On contrary, here you have lamp with LED