Guide: make the sale a success

Sale is in full swing both out in the stores and not least online. It also means that it is peak season for mis-selling! I have not always been good at it with sale-or stock sale for that matter. In the past I always came home with the wrong, clothes I never got used. During clearance sales also often it happened that I fell in love with me some of what lay on the two shelves with new items.

You know it is safe. It is as if one’s usual quality filter will be sent on sick day, when it says ‘ sale ‘ at the window. Suddenly seems a multi colored, polka-dot case as it completely right – despite the fact that 85 percent of your wardrobe is black, and non-tropical holiday in the calendar with the first.

but one day it dawned on me how complete it is daft not to seize the opportunity to save a little money, when I now can. Therefore I put me to learn to shop on sale. I’m probably still not entirely objective – for example, right now I have some polyester hell lying, as I must have returned. But there was a discount on …

Nåmen, I have been much better to see through reduced prices, and the effect they have on the human psyche. Read yourself with here:

The worst thing you can do is to arrive at the sale or stock sale unprepared. When it comes to promotional days, there is something called ‘ ose ‘. Because when something is put down by 70%, so lures it a brain center that does not have an overview of your wardrobe.

there are two things you must do: For the first – look in your wardrobe. Is there anything you particularly missing? With me it’s always like this, that I am in a period of missing parts – and so I am in favour of purchasing of parts. Two months later I then suddenly missing bottoms. And how to run the ring then.

now that the sale is in progress, I have formed me an overview of my shelves and hangers. I am missing a pair of black, mens-inspired pants. The ones I have used in the past year, I came for to cut the hole in. Additionally, I would use some tops which suit my many skirts as well as a black cardigan. I write it down on a slip of paper, which I have in my purse. Every time I go into a shop (or on a webshop) fleecing I just slip forward and giving my shoppegen a mental wedgie with the to do list.

another way to limit it on is, in fact, long before the sale begins. During the season there is always some particular things that catch my eye. Something is obvious purchases, and I buy them while they hang at full price – where the Committee also is greatest. Other things are ‘ nice to have ‘ – they smoke on an internal list of the things I will buy if they are still there in my size when the sale begins. If things continue to be on your imaginary list all season, it will be a good buy under the sale. Things, however, you do not have værdiget a glance throughout the spring and early summer, so not by magic becomes interesting because they are cheap.

2. BUY ONLY THINGS that suits you
When something is put down, we can very quickly convince ourselves that it is the world’s best buy – even if we just need to lose five-ten kilos, before it really suits us. You need to buy clothing for the body you have with on sale-not some distant body.

If it is less omforandringer, as you yourself or a tailor can do, so can it be okay – but if you never even put a jacket sleeve up in your life, you start so not on it because you saved 800 crowns on the jacket. Be sure that you have a tailor in your town who can handle it for you.


There is a reason why some pieces of clothing will be called classics – it is because they never disappear out of fashion. Simple jeans, cashmere sweaters, black dresses delicious – you get the picture. The thing is always brilliant udsalgskøb, because no one will be able to look at them and say ‘ Oh-ha-ha, it is just so much 2014 ‘. Whereas a neonfarvet t-shirt in neoprene with meshindsatser on the sleeves screams summer 2014 – and therefore probably won’t be the most future-proof purchase. Even though you can save 400 dollars on it. If you really would be skipped in the summer meeting of the style, had you probably bought it in spring. In fact, you must have your mother’s a little voice in the back of the head. HVMMS – what would My Mother Say?


Few things are cozier than a shopping spree with a friend. A cup of coffee, hours in the shops, lunch, gossip and filled plastic bags. But if I must be honest, so have some of my best shopping trips, in fact, been solo tours. There is nothing like girlfriends, who can get one to buy more than you need.

There goes some psychology in Walkman when we’re two girlfriends on shopping. If we are to justify our own purchases, it helps that our friend has purchased for at least the same as ourselves. Or more! It will say that your friend – who may have look at a few expensive boots – unknowingly can send you the direction of a few even more expensive boots. In order to be able to console itself with the fact that she has not spent at least as much as you. It is therefore not of ill will — it’s just her own udsalgsgen that beats to.

do you have a friend with, so make sure it is one that really can figure out how to express an opinion. Some women do not like to say anything negative. And come on the way to send you into the arms of mis-selling. Not because they are evil ulterior motive says that the worst jeans in denim story sits blazing at you, but because they just do not like to disappoint you if you seem fond of the pants. So know your girlfriends – who will ALWAYS say to you if you parsley between front teeth? It is her, you need to take.

Think about it. Five years ago I bought a pair of Louboutinstiletter to 3500 SEK. Last summer I bought a pair of hudfarvede suede peeptoe evening-pumps on sale for 900 crowns put down from 2,000. The animal I have spent at least 15 times a year in the five years that I have owned them. The hudfarvede I have used once. Christian Louboutin has cost me approx. 47 kroner per time, I’ve had them on. The hudfarvede? 900 kroner. What seemed like a super awesome udsalgskøb, has in fact been a very expensive


You should not relax the requirements for your udsalgskøb, just because the price is set down. Carefully consider whether you actually get things used – Browse through both wardrobe and calendar; find at least three things and five reasons you want to use retail purchase. Then you are on the right track. And something no pigeons, is buying udsalgskøb at the party tonight. It ends very rarely well.

One thing can be really good for sale. Namely to try new things. Do you have long gone and considered whether animal prints or maybe animals kashmir is something for you? So can a udsalgskøb be a good and more budget-friendly way to try a new trend or new, more expensive materials at.

Here, the retail purchase should have some form of recognition. Do you want to try out animal print, then buy a piece of clothing you already often use – perhaps a cardigan. Conversely, you must try a new material, then buy it in a color that you already love – for example, black or navy (as it would be in my case). In this way, you can figure out whether it is really something for you – and not risk rejecting animal print completely, because you came to buy a tight dress that you never would have gone in anyway, regardless of the pattern or color.

The next two days shows Momme and I our personal retail Favorites – so follow along and get inspiration for your own retail shopping.

avoid the low price seduces you — double the price in the head and ask yourself if you still wanted to buy the vehicle for the price.

go for the clothes, where trends don’t change so quickly – swimwear, lingerie, outerwear,.

don’t buy everything in one shop. The brain manages for thinking ‘ what the heck, now have you used 1500 crowns here, what does 200 dollars more so? ‘.

Take cash with you no longer use, so than you had set of in the first place.

be sure to be in a good mood. Studies show that people in a bad mood spend more money – because bad mood makes us have it worse with ourselves and shopping on the way will be a better hunting

sense of self.

Set a deadline. As you will be tired because you have been in many shops, decreases your resilience to the percent sign and quotes – why set a deadline for when the retail shopping day should be over.

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