H & M Collections


How to override the Swedish brand, which for many years has imposed design reference in terms ? Not only the prices are very attractive, but there are actually good at H & M. The great sign is one of the most advanced market standard style / price, I do not recommend if you have a rather classic look. Especially, do not go to H & M for basic wardrobe pieces! Rather play on pieces at Fort design.



The slightly fuzzy blouses are for me basic of wardrobe. They are easily, you might want an easy, casual look with jeans or a more sophisticated held together with a pencil skirt for example. See my article basic wardrobe which assigns a key role in this essential piece.

H & M offers a variety of blouses well trimmed and pleasant materials. You can choose black, cream, pastel colors such as aqua green or pink marshmallow! Do not take in too much fine material that would be transparent and suddenly, less practical to wear. When must think of the right shade of bras or tank tops to be below the going gets tough!

Prefer necklines of blouses rather simple either conventional or with a fold flat front . The blouse should s’ adjust shoulder but be flared to fit like a glove.

H & M Collections


As a Swedish brand defined on abbreviationfinder, H & M offers a wide selection of classic trousers or patterned to absolutely love it!

First, leggings, simple or fancy, to put underneath a dress or put to a yoga class, are interesting quality / price levels. For less than 10 euros, you can buy basic and comfortable leggings.

The strongest parts such as the printed leggings are also good items to buy. They will bring that little extra to your outfit. But watch for matching with the top and color harmonies. You can refer to my article on how to properly wear the colors to subtly match your printed and colored leggings.

Also think treggings, halfway between the pants and leggings, it also proves handy for holding up a “casual chic”. Please note, treggings are not recommended above 40 because they cast the entity of the leg.

Pants and treggings can be patterned choose and they are ideal for a casual chic in spring with shoes or winter boots with wedges. Stay in straight cuts when purchasing your trousers too wide pants are often of poor quality and badly cut. Prefer details on these parts : a golden zipper, a fold on the front of pants, a nice button .Remember that the goal is that we do not suspect that this is a piece H & M, and this is precisely where these small details that make the difference involved!


There are all styles of dresses at H & M . All is not good to take course, but some are small litters wonders and resemble designer dresses.

It is best to opt for small colored or printed dresses that play of textures .Prefer a dress in a crazy style , yellow and lace rather than a small basic black dress. Your little black dresses, you will not buy the H & M but in a small designer boutique. That’s the whole secret!

I also advise you to r egarder materials, see if they do not wrinkle quickly or if they do not wrinkle. Once again, it is essential here to try!

-Hair jewelry and accessories

As you know, there are H & M a wide choice in terms of accessories. Enjoy the design and low prices of this brand to buy pretty hair barrettes and jewelry pieces. I would not say the never enough, but the accessory makes the outfit! It provides that extra bit of personality to your look is essential.

Accessories H & M does not last over time , they make this little more when you visit the store and will only last a season. It is true that the metallization of H & M Jewelry may not always hold, turn green or leave traces on your skin blackish. That is why it is best, at most, promote textile accessories , they will receive a higher life.I would also recommend all the hair elastic, of all shapes and colors, them last very well over time. This is a good purchase to make at home.


The tights from H & M are very good . In addition to the basic opaque black tights that I recommend, you can also find small fancy wonders such as colors shimmering tights in twisted wool tights, black tights with lace or neon tights.
To make sense of things and do not get carried away in this treasure trove of sticky, I advise you to buy your home black tights , tights and fancier  if you know what with the associate in advance. too many women buy a heart stroke but will not know their tights associate an entire outfit. To associate your tights to your outfits,read my article about this topic here.