Hair Color Trends

Discover the next season hair color trends

Hair Color Trends

It is almost to the start of the cold season and many are already thinking about what will be the hair color trends, so that we’ll today of what are the trends that tread more strong this season and which should be left in the past.

Trends hair color-theme: color

With ASK4BEAUTY, it is time to go leaving behind gradients and say hello to the uniform colors, this is one of the proposals being carried out as an icon of this season. The streaks would contribute much more to brightness and luminosity to our face.

Trends hair color-blonde Color

This color is essential in all versions coming to the more clear. A highly acclaimed rubio is blond child, that natural color to ashes that used to have many children before it is cold with age.

Trends hair color-Color peach

This is one of the colors most requested and hailed this season, a color Ash Blonde mix with orange.

Hair color trends-magnetic Color

Trend par excellence, this color is already used by many artists of show business. Although it is a color that is very difficult to obtain, since it is not achieved first fading, we must also consider the wear and tear that will undergo our hair. This is why many specialists suggest that nutrition hair bath are made between sessions and it is recommended for medium long hair to short haircuts.

Trends hair color-Color Pink blonde

This color is ideal if you are looking for is a tone that is totally radical, you should always consult with your stylist’s trust that type of rose will go well with your skin tone to get the desired results.

Trends hair color-Color balayage style 3D

This technique is ideal to give volume and depth to our hair, is blurring the color from root to ends, without a doubt, a job that only a good professional can make you.