Hairstyles for Short Hair

Short hair do not enjoy much popularity, as long as they do not offer a range wide enough in terms of styling options. But if you check out the charm, short hair can be very sexy.

Hairstyles for Short Hair

Simple but sexy

Often the choice between short or long hair also depends on the time that can be allocated to cure them.

As I’m sure you know, long hair is difficult to treat according to, although they provide a nearly infinite range of styles and hairstyles. Women choose short hair just for the ease with which this can be cured.

The style that we are presenting to the first, is a perfect example for this. Right Bob style haircut, can easily be converted, creating a sexy look, a bit untidy.

You need a styling product like wax or hair spray foam. You must apply the product on the hair with your fingers and define them.


The problems of short and medium hair, often occur when you need a hairdo for a special occasion.30 ‘s style was characterized by great elegance. You can borrow the elegance of those years, adopting a specific style of those times.

Your hair will be pulled with the plate and slightly wavy, often integrated with vintage accessories.This style requires a special outfit, same style.

Pure geometry

Lines and right angles are an option for short hair. The main advantage is that short hair can show off the corners perfectly geometrical and straight lines.

But as in most cases, there are also disadvantages. One of them is one that is difficult to maintain this hairstyle. The hair should be trimmed regularly because the shapes are more visible and clear.The second drawback is that this style is “reserved” only for those with straight hair …

How can you be a rebel?

Many years ago, just the hair cut was considered a “rebellion” by a woman. Long hair was a symbol of womanhood and was considered unacceptable for a woman to cut your hair short. Today things have changed and the hair, are far from being something special.

To give something “different” to impress and attract all eyes, you can cut your hair short, in special form, but even with the addition of a jarring color. The asymmetry is key in these situations, and strands of different colors complement the style rebel.


Yes, short or medium-length hair can have a romantic aspect. The volume is critical.

That style has the same magic, with or without fringe, the minimum requirement is that the hair is not long enough to grasp and Cap on his head.