Hairstyles Tips for Christmas and New Year’s Eve

Hairstylist indicates hairstyles arrested and released for the holidays of end of the year

Regardless of whether the event is more stripped down and intimate or a gala ball, Christmas and new year’s Eve are two dates are a special production.

According to hairstylist Eduarda Rodrigues, the trend in hairstyles for those dates are stripped wires. “The ideal is to let the natural look, abusing the asymmetry and the waves. Side braids, semipresos with volume at the top and wires entwined are the hairstyles of the moment, “he says.

For the short hair stylist’s tip is abusing the finalizers. According to Eduarda, the gel promotes wet effect and strong attachment, while the mousse gives a natural effect of light fixture. “For women who prefer to dry out the wires, the suggestion is to style them with wax and pomade”, teaches.


The hairstylist indicates accessories to finish your hair with headbands, flowers and even buckles can ensure more elegance and playfulness to the wires according to themakeupexplorer. For Eduarda Rao, you need to know to choose the ideal accessories for all ages. “For parties in the summer, we still have the option of hats that protect from the Sun and give a charm to production”, reveals.

New year’s Eve on the beach

“If it’s a party on the beach, for example, the stylized ponytail hairstyle is effective option,” said Eduarda. A higher ponytail and to the side is charming and it’s easy to do. “Also let the wires a little more loose, rather than stretched, and polished”, teaches her.