Half of Smartphones Sold in 2011 Are Android, According to Gartner

On more than one occasion we talked about data of Android market share you give different agencies and consulting firms in the sector. Normally they always make reference to United States where Google’s system sweeps. While it is interesting information is still incomplete since we do not see all of the drawing or what is the same: we do not know with certainty the health status of the Green Android on a global basis.

Now, thanks to the latest Gartner data we can see with more precision how is Android in the world. In the last quarter of 2011 had 75 million Android or what is the same: the 50.9% of smartphones in the world. An increase of 20.4% respect to the previous year in the same period.

Behind Google’s operating system we find to Apple IOS and a more than respectable 23.8% share market, something really remarkable bearing in mind that it is a high end phone. Behind Symbian, RIM 13% 17% and fourth Bada with 3.1% ahead of Windows Phone (2.75%).

In regards to the manufacturers of mobile phones, which not only smartphones, we find Nokia to head a whopping of 422 million sold devices in 2011, followed by Samsung with 313 million and in third place with 89 million phones Apple.

The question now is to see if Android will know to keep that share throughout the 2012. People already known to the operating system and has become a perfect claim for those who want a smartphone but without paying lots of money. We must also bear in mind that this type of models work well in emerging economies where resources are less and not everyone can afford a high-end model. How see you face Android this year?