Halloween Tutorials

One thing is certain: the drafting of Cosmo is a bit ‘like a family. That once a year, family name is Addams! In view of the Halloween party, we decided to dress up theme, using only clothes and accessories from our wardrobe. During the shooting, we realized these video tutorials to explain, step by step, how to copy our horrifying make-up!

Halloween Tutorials

Wednesday Addams. A dress etiquette, a neck crocheted (or plexi, like the one we used on the set), a pair of black flats … Et voila, here turned into Wednesday, the enfant terrible of the Family Addams. The hardest part is the trick, but do not worry: you follow the advice of video tutorials that we have created for you backstage!

Miss Skeleton. Get a T-shirt, black tights, a black tube of opaque white cloth, a book of anatomy. Draw the skeletal bones and your costume is ready. And the makeup? Here comes the best, or rather, the horrible! The secret is the Acquacolor, a color-based super opaque water, the same that is used for body painting. The end result is insanely cool!

Black Cat. You’re superstitious? No more door (s) fortune of a black cat! You need some vintage items, such as a headband with built-ears, a dress fitting black velvet, a queue (we realized sforbiciando the dress, bought for 10 Euros at the market), a pair of mischievous mustache drawn with a black eyebrow pencil and a lacy mask. A set of fake ughie-sharp claws, complete the feline look. Roarr!

Morticia Addams. The clothes that we used on the set rested in the closet from the festivities of the 18 years, but you can re-create the effect with a black top worn over a sheath dress. Decorate with black tulle veil with silk flowers and feet, in the absence of the tentacles, a pair of court shoes with a dizzying plateau: here it is transformed into a modern Morticia. Finally, give yourself a perfect manicure-proof kiss.

Merry Widow. Three layers of tulle over a belt to the skirt and a bustier survivor “Courtney Love” period. Add a good dose of accessories taken in moments of madness, which are certainly not lacking in your closet. The hat with a veil gives a dandy touch, sleeve striped plays down the look. To make it even more fascinating your disguise Merry Widow, played on a trick from dark seductress! Pirate. Although for Halloween does not have planning a theme party, you can still give a horror touch to the look, at no cost! You just need a leather jacket, a touch of orange squash, a bandage (of paper) on the eye and a smokey eyes scream on the other, to transform into a pirate sexy.