Halogen and Compact Fluorescent Vs. Led Lamps

LED bulbs are somewhat more expensive. However, in view of their low energy consumption and long life they pay for themselves quickly. On top of that, a green conscience is BB´s. So, or something like that, you can hear it or convinced LED fan. Stiftung Warentest wanted to know more and sent 9 LED bulbs, 9 compact fluorescent lamp and 2 halogen bulbs warm white light with a brightness of 550 to 850 lumen in the competition for the best lighting properties, durability, life cycle assessment and Declaration.

When The LCA LED Bulbs Have The Nose Front

One had already betrayed: all have passed the test of time by 6,000 burning hours. But that’s not all. For the first time, Stiftung Warentest test has created for the first time an LCA for each lamp. The LCA specifies the environmental and health burdens of a lamp throughout their life cycle, from the production, use and disposal.

So Much Does One Light Sources Depending On The Type Of 15 Years *.

LEDs are on the first place, because they are unbeatable – in spite of considerable material inputs in the manufacture in efficiency and durability. Their burn time was over 20,000 hours, the test which corresponds to a lifetime of 20 years – with a use of three hours a day -.

See the video of the Stiftung Warentest here “Test LED bulbs – why is the test winner”

Environmental Influence Of Halogen Bulbs Three To Four Times As Large As With Other Energy Saving Lamps

Worst cut tungsten-halogen lamps. You although excellent lighting characteristics with natural colour rendition, but unfortunately quickly get broken and consume a lot of power. That makes it even more expensive than LEDs in the long run.

This reflects also the test result: eight out of nine LEDs received with respect to their environmental impact the grade “very good”. The energy-saving lamps cut with one exception all with ‘good’. Far cut off landed the halogen lamps.

The Best Replacement For The 60-Watt Bulb? LED Lamps!

LED bulbs referenced their saving competitors in other test properties on the courts. While CFLs need, for example, some time until they shine brightly, there are immediately led and s. Not change this too cold and high temperatures. In compact fluorescent lamp light playback – in contrast to LEDs and incandescent lamps lighting – is only moderately. It comes to recognize fine color nuances, its light according to the Stiftung Warentest judgment is no pleasure.

Further advantages of LED lamps: your low energy consumption and the absolute Schaltfestig-ness. That is too frequent switching on and off does not harm LEDs and their service life.