Hamburger Offers Plastic Gloves and Generates Controversy in Social Networks

Contrary and in favor of the use of the accessory at the time of eating, more than 800 people appeared in the discussion

Hamburger Offers Plastic Gloves and Generates Controversy in Social Networks

– It was crazy.It aroused interest for good and evil.More than 800 people appear in the discussion exposing their point of view.The first comment “Out glove” began by alluding to that “root” and “nutella”meme, implying that those who use them are fresh people.At the time, I was revolted and even started to pout, since some were rude and used name-calling.I had to exclude some messages, “Tatiana recalls.

“It’s more practical and it’s all about it.A lot of people say it for them too.Eating with cutlery is annoying.The hamburger is juicy, has gravy, same dirty.Some customers are ready for the ballad.They want to continue with scallions, says the businesswoman.

Messages like “This generation went wrong” and “Humanity is lost”, in addition to terms like “depressing”, thicken the chorus of those who find the gloves unnecessary.The issue of hygiene and practicality are often among the comments of those who make a point of wearing gloves.

Eating a knife and fork makes you lose a little of the ritual of eating a hamburger.You have to eat with your hand, but with the glove, because you are less worried about getting dirty and do not leave there with the smell of the hamburger.I found the idea of ​​offering the gloves bright.It gives even a fondness for the girlfriend – entertain diver Carlos Gusmão while devouring the so-called Bencomportado, menu options with 180 grams of beef blend angus, cheddar cheese, pickles, grilled bacon, caramelized onion and farofa of bacon (difficult is not to get soiled with a list of such ingredients).

The bank Juliana Prate lives two blocks from the hamburger and says she is a loyal customer.For her, the best way is to eat with fork and knife.

“I do not dirty my hand and I can handle it.As the glove is plastic, it warms up the hand a lot and I’m not feeling it.It does not work for me, “she explains, before being interrupted by her 8-year-old daughter.

– I like to eat with my hand.I think it looks better to savor, “retorts the girl.

Celebrating a year of opening the hamburger this month, the businesswoman has already given the controversy as closed.

“I think it was all these haters they have on the internet these days.I was upset at first because some of them overdid it, but then I saw that it was all bullshit.We put the glove in the store, but everyone eats the way they think best.The important thing is to taste the hamburger, feel good and respect the other – it sums up.