Have You Ever Thought about Print Makeup?

Behold, we have one of the best news that unite technology and beauty: a student at the Harvard Business School, called Grace Choi, created the Mink-a printer that creates makeup with the color you want. The idea emerged of abusive prices that cost the makeup, she always found it very unfair that not everyone could have access to the lipstick of the moment or the shadow color of the trend.

With this, it was necessary to create the basic substances for the manufacture of makeups and also an ink that is approved by regulatory agencies in order to manufacture cosmetics in the color that you want, in your own home! That is, you can have only one reference photo you found on Google, an image that took on the street or even a photo of your friend’s lipstick–simply select the same tone on your computer and play a lipstick, blush, powder or any other make-up.

All brands of beauty-Chanel the Cover Girl – use the same type of substrates in the making of makeup that are mixed with other substances and the pigment. Of course the basic substances developed for Mink shall not contain the same substances as anti-aging, Sun protection factor, oil-free, among other Grand we get when we buy more expensive cosmetics.

However, gains in ease and speed to have a color of makeup and completely custom product. Come to think of it, the target audience selected for the Mink are girls from 13 to 21 years who have not yet fidelizaram to a specific brand of makeup. And they want to know the best part? By the end of the year the Mink may already be on sale for the low price of $200-cheaper than a lot of makeup. Give play to learn more!

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What do you think of the Mink?

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