Headphones MDR-100: We Loose At Sony!

After you have presented at the IFA Berlin, I propose today the headphones Sony MDR-100 Premium test, also known as H.ear on.

Compatible high-resolution audio, a refreshed design and offered in colors more flashy, it marks a desire for rejuvenation at Sony. Let’s listen.

The least that can be said, that the MDR is moving away rather austere standards which we had used Sony. The model of this test is surprising but ultimately rather pretty green-lemon colour. Well padded wide stretch band, cable detachable tangle, headphones nicely covered and mobile to well match the shape of the skull, flexible extra pads draped, everything has been studied on this foldable headphone to reconcile comfort and design. It is supplied with its flexible carrying case of the same color as helmet. Note that the cable has a remote control with microphone for call pickup, with the particularity to be announced compatible iOS, which is classic, but Android, BlackBerry and Windows, which is much less. I have not tested it on other media but on a smartphone Alcatel Idol 3 4.7, it works perfectly.

Sony puts forward in its presentation of the bass, and that’s exactly what is listening to this helmet. The underbody is therefore and the dynamic titles style Rap and Electro, and generally speaking lare loaded music in bass, are at the party. Unless this turns at some caricature, this part of the sound spectrum is clearly favoured. Logical consequence, the mid-high is less well documented than on some more neutral helmets. At least, we can’t criticize his lack of life to the Sony MDR-100, and listening to the jazz singer Cyrille Aimée makes good very cheerful tone of the album ” It’s a good day.” We love fishing him out, if not a perfect fidelity. The bass on the title ‘Is this Love’ Musica Nuda is rounder than nature, and at the same time very enjoyable to listen to. Insulation is good, it’s a headset that will be appropriate for use in transport.

Sony MDR-100, if it is not the most neutral of the market, is a helmet seductive by its design and its sound reproduction. Comfortable, well made, yet affordable, he shouldn’t have too much trouble finding its audience.