Hi, my name is Camilla. I am thick

in connection with the launch of Curves Ahead last spring it dawned on me that there are many people who find it very difficult to use the word thick.

when we went in the air, we were a part of the tv. Therefore, there were a great many people who knew who I was when I was in the week following the launch was on course. I saw a huge positive interest in Curves Ahead, but I also saw that people began to hesitate when they wanted to hear more. First I understood it not. But since I had said yes a couple of times what we’re doing is a fashion magazine for thick ladies, it dawned on me. People were simply reluctant to continue the conversation by nervousness as to whether they are now in relation to the size of both me and my readers had it worded in a way that would offend me and maybe even make me sad.

The word thick starts conversations that reminder
What I also saw was that when I first though had used the formulation “fat ladies”, then slid the talk freely and effortlessly. As I had stated that it was perfectly acceptable to use the word thick. I’ve experienced it many times since. And I have also experienced that when I even use the word thick and thus signals that I am not a squeamishness in relation to my size, so begins the interesting conversations. The conversations, which is helping to give a new perspective on the thick people as anything other than a uniform mass with low self esteem and a dream to lose weight.

it may well be you don’t like the word thick. So I am very sorry and hope that you will be better able to deal with the alternative formulation “ plus ”, as you often encounter here on the sides. In connection with the making of the Curves Ahead chatted Kristine and I much about exactly what words we should use to refer to our size. Because we know that being overweight or thick is a challenge for many. But we simply took the decision that we must use the word thick instead of our actual package size into the honeyed phrases such as bulky or lush. What you’re comfortable with in relation to put words on your size is of course entirely up to you. But it is the best of my knowledge, that if we also in the spoken language can stand by ourselves, so it begins to move, both for ourselves and not least to the surroundings.

your language use can change attitudes
It as I experience when I am with my own language use have indicated that we may well be talking straight out of the bag is that so I appear as a human being instead of a thick person. And when I talk to people human-to-human, then open that we can talk about the things that really reminder. I saw it last, when I was a guest on “Dancing with the known”. Here the host Dan Rachlin stated quite openly that he was a little unsure about what he might call “to anyone” as us. And here I experienced again that it opened for good and businesslike talk when I got established, that you must call us thick ladies, but that first and foremost we are human beings, as all other sizes. That there are also women of size 48 and up who are happy and well satisfied with their life completely in the same way as there are both found happiness and hapless sizes 38. In short, we are people in all our diversity, just like everyone else. That we all as a starting point is the people and not a size.

I know that the title of this column is perhaps a bit provocative. And it’s not about that we must go out into the world and start every conversation with a starting point in our size. But I think that we ourselves can help to influence our surroundings in relation to how they perceive us both personally and thick people in General, by we dare to talk about our size, if this is the direction the conversation goes. It is the only way in which we can help to shake up in the sad preconception that thick people are all lazy, depressed and sad, that they are thick.

And as I also say as often as I can get to it – the world sees your smile before it sees the size of your ass.