High-Waisted Shorts: Pictures and Tips

The high waist on the parts of female clothing such as pants, shorts, skirts and shorts make great success, and even with the entry of winter the high waist promises to continue in evidence throughout the station. High-waisted clothes already sets in the years 70 and 80 occupied again the parts space with low waist.The high waist is perfect for modeling the body of the woman and favors those who don’t have a lot of curves so conquered in full the preference of women.

To use a piece of high waist watch combinations. Skirts, pants and high-waisted shorts from Ruizesolar.com combined with race and sandal or peep toe (shoe open in front). The model with high waist stretches the legs so it is a great option for those who have short legs and long trunk.

It is worth remembering for women who have large breasts should opt to choose a piece that does not exceed the line of the belly button. If you have big butt the waist high will increase your size so give preference for wide templates. Righteous from the waist down, no way!

To use a bermuda, short or high-waisted skirt, match the tiles with tank tops, blouses and shirts drained and fairer to the body, used always on the inside of the clothes! Not to lose the illusion of lengthening offered by this fashion, avoid contrasting colours on parts and accessories.

For women who estivercem overweight and with that belly, the tip is to make a good choice for large and loose parts in the body, so they lengthen the silhouette and even help disguise the localized fat.

Despite being a very “democratic” fashion, the clothes with high waist dress better thin and tall women!