Hiking Tour: Around Dresden

With the iPod touch (iPhone) walking through the Saxon home…
hiking? Fresh air? Yes, it was the time before the door , despite ” Lord of the Rings Online”-weeks and”Starcraft 2-Beta”. Only where? In the tourist office, I found the hiking brochure ” Hiking & discovery in the city-surrounding Dresden region ” in the hands. Although from the year 2006, it is still offered. This describes a smaller and a larger tour around Dresden, which consists of several stages. I opted for the smaller round, as this is quite good to reach by public transport. The path itself has no name (you could also call it “the Dresden left-way” (if you turn counter-clockwise) or “make a bow around Dresden-way.” There is also no continuous marking of the route, but a large part of the route is marked with the”red dot”.
Starting point for the first section is Pirna, whereby I am not started at the station, but on the other Elbseite in Pirna-Copitz. It was early in the morning to have enough time, so it was pleasantly quiet, but with six degrees but somewhat cold for this time of the year. The beginning of the route was quickly found, only on the first hundred meters was it difficult, since many lamp masts were “decorated” with advertising posters and these were exactly at the level of the markings were attached. There was a little scout feeling. After crossing “Wesenitz”, we headed past the ” Willi-Tröger-Stadion ” and the ” Pirna Youth Hostel ” towards “Tännicht”. Unfortunately you leave the forest behind quickly to get to Graupa and the Wagner Museum there. Shortly after the village, the difficult part of the route follows-the ascent to Borsberg. At least, thanks to the clear canopy of leaves in April, enough light was still on the way and potential obstacles could be easily recognized. Because the ascent offers plenty of it. The Borsberg Tower is unfortunately not accessible and so it went directly to the Meixmühle. On the way there were a lot of cherry trees in full bloom to see. Through Malschendorf and Helfenberg we went to the indicated end of this stage, to Gönnsdorf .However, I decided to go further to Bühlau, because the connection to the public transport ismuch better and you can make it thanks to this without a long wait back home, and you will get more from inkomtrends.

The second stage was somewhat more difficult, but not from the difficulty of the route but from the choice of the route. Since I had extended the first stage to Bühlau, I should have read in the directions from this point, but I have not. So I followed the first clue-“red dot” instead of “red stroke”. Well, it was a beautiful morning in the heath…

In the second run on a wonderfully quiet Sunday morning, I found the right way into theDresdner Heide . From Ullersdorfer Platz in Dresden-Bühlau it went northwards to the Heidestausee. After the traces on the edge of the road to judgments, a lot of wild boars were active the previous night. But they slept now-hopefully;-). It is only a good thing that in the hiking book the lists of the way to be walked are listed, because with the uncanny many paths, which run crosswise through the heathland, one would probably run very fast. For a Sunday morning was very little going on-only a few joggers and a few dog owners. Crossing the heath, we passed the Heidemühle and the Prießnitz waterfall to Klotzsche . Here it would have offered to use the stop “Infineon Nord”, since the tram from Hellerau on this Sunday but quite rarely drove and when then usually only only the two stations until they meet again exactly on the line from/to Klotzsche. However, I went further still to the”German workshops Hellerau”, the official end for this stage. Then return to Königsbrücker Straße to get into the tram of Klotzsche mentioned above.

The third and last stage north of the Elbe was quite late, because even on a Sunday it is not easy to find a car park in Dresden’s city center. For this time, there was a little more sunshine than before on the previous hikes. From Hellerau the route led to the green of the “Hellerberge “, unfortunately one was “berieselt” through the traffic noise of the highway. In Rähnitz, the “scouting sense” had to be unpacked again, because the “red point” was partly only to be found on the third view, after I have already gone some detours. To make matters worse, the map in the hiking brochure is quite rough. But there is now the way in Google Maps to look so that you can use it with appropriate equipment also mobile (eg iPhone +Trails ), the map is embedded at the end of the article. Also in the following part of the forest, the “red spot” sometimes saw quite rarely, in part only a glance back to look, whether the marking in the other direction was present. In the “Fiedlergrund” it went up and out of the Elbe valley to Wahnsdorf . On the Spitzhaus and Bismarckturm (of which there was a lot ) the view over the Elbtal was enjoyed and afterwards it went down over the pointed staircaseagain. After crossing the route of the Lößnitzgrundbahn the route through Radebeul wassearched.

At the station Radebeul-West the end would have been for this stage, but the legs continued through Altkötzschnbroda down to the Elbe and over Niederwarha bridge over it. Along the Elbe cycle route along the river Elbe, we headed eastwards to the railway stop Stetzsch. This was the third stage for me.

In the second part of the report, the southern part of the route will be taken back to Pirna, possibly interrupted by the ” Elblandwanderungen der Sächsische Zeitung” (PDF).