Holiday Packing List Fashion

I don’t care any more about that package for my vacation, which I love to be on the actual holiday. It says a great deal about my ambivalent relationship to pack.

As a starting point, I would like to have everything in my wardrobe I can not endure the thought of standing on a hotel room, while the piece of clothing, I want to wear, is at home in the community.

It has over the years given sore in the back of the trail on the shed, which a friend at one point dubbed my then very large travel bag. It has also meant that time and time again I have come home with piles of clothing, as I still never got on.

I try now to put my feelings aside and unpack from three major and very rational headlines:
The large chrome-plated overview
The realistic needs
Opportunities for mix and match – here under the right

The big chrome-plated accessories overview
Depending on the type of your holiday giving because cloakroom itself. But what gets you more need in addition to beach and swimwear if you are going on a beach holiday? And what do you use in addition to more practical clothes, if you’re going on Active holiday? I must even on city break in Sicily for august, so my basic wardrobe must be casual chic. But we’ve already booked a table at a few Michelin-starred restaurants, so I know that I also need to ddress up a little.

By get it chromed overview, you can stay focused on what you really need for your type of vacation while having an eye for the extra that makes you either not going to be missing something.
Panicky when I begin to pack ALL my favourite clothes, because I do not want to do without something helps overview and focus me to pick out with hard hand. It is easier to choose from when you have a handle on what you actually need rather than just running on the emotions.

I already know now that even if my beautiful white shirt with black dots will be great for a campari/orange on an Italian fortorvscafé, so it must not be with. It is as synthetic and therefore completely hopeless in 35 degree heat.

How much do you actually need?
I am the lady that is taken on a week’s holiday with 7 outfit for the day and 7 outfit for the evening. Yes, I came home with too much clothing, I had not had on. My challenge is that I never really bother to have the same clothes two days in a row. It is fine enough, when I’m at home, but it will be something of a challenge, when I’m going on a 14-day holiday.

I have the above holiday much thought, how much clothing – or how little – I can cope with on week basis without going completely in the shavings. It is in this context, dawned on me that I don’t use much clothing during a particular week. I just liked the idea that I have something to choose from.

So when I now sit and think of my impending 13 days in Italy, see my needs like this:
Two pairs of shorts, two skirts, 4 tops, three dresses for everyday and a to the fine — for I can easily use the same dress twice, we shall, in addition to eating right fine. On top of this must of course be underwear, nightwear and a form of outerwear and gear toiletries + makeup. It also comes on top of the clothes I fly in, which is very much in line with what Kristine describes in Comfy and cool on flight duration – opens in new window… and then also just what I deal with in the next section …

Kombi crisscross
To get the most out of the least is fundamentally about being able to combine, that you put in the suitcase, criss-cross.
I’m such a planning my packing from a color theme, often the monochrome black and white, so I’m not stuck with a pink uppers that doesn’t go so well with the Green skirt. I also try to avoid too many patterns that don’t fit together. On the way I stand with relatively few pieces of clothing, which in turn can kombines crisscross to many different outfits.

Miscellaneous accessories
With the help of jewelry you can easily transmogriffe the same piece of clothing on from day to evening. You can see an example here: The same dress for everyday and party opens in a new window.
Here, I can of course also like to save on space, but I always have two pair of sunglasses with a few more sporty for daytime and a few more divaagtige to the end of the day and evening.
And then there’s just the shoes … last year I had four pairs with. I used the two my beloved Fitflop and a few with heel. The last few were the only two times.

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