Hollister Shirts: Check out Tips

The Hollister brand is one of the most well-known brands of shirts, which can be both long-sleeved and short-sleeved, and there are a variety of sizes, prints and details. So if you want to know some of the best models of shirts Hollister attention the tips that follow here below.

The first Hollister shirt model is the chess style, being one of the most popular and sought after models of this brand. This particular model is long sleeve, however you can use this shirt with three quarter sleeves by just buttoning the buttons on the sleeve. This Hollister brand shirt style is best known as a men’s camisole, which can even be used openly with a basic shirt underneath.

Another style of Hollister brand shirt is the traditional shirt style, this being a basic model. This shirt has short sleeves, and can come with the most varied patterns, being an excellent shirt model to use with jeans or shorts, and is a great option to use along with the first model above.

Another style of Hollister shirt is the striped shirt. This model is a little more formal than the second model presented, since this one has a very salient collar, being a great option to use with jeans and shoes. This style of shirt has short sleeves, and the stripes help to disguise any extra belly, this is an option that can be used in shorts and with all star without sock.

This model is one of the most formal models of the Hollister brand, being a social shirt with long sleeves all striped. It is an excellent option to use with social pants and inside the suit with tie, in addition to this shirt does not dispense its use with jeans. This model is usually used in a closed manner, but in case you want to innovate, opt to use a basic white shirt underneath.

One Hollister shirt option for the cold is the long-sleeved sweater shirt, an excellent suggestion to wear under jackets and coats as well as jeans. It is one of the most sought after models of the Hollister brand, in addition to what can be used under a short-sleeved shirt, giving a relaxed air to the look.