Hot Pants in Panties-How to Use?

The hot pants invaded the wardrobe of celebrities and red carpet

Fashion hot pants began in the 50 in swimsuits from that era and the pin-ups. In the years 1970 it gained strength on the streets with the disk and was was favored due to the emergence of new fabrics such as polyester, and began to take the streets.

The style of hot pants is characterized by emphasizing the legs and buttocks. What really matters is the high waist, super short length and dug in “v” – something between her panties and shorts. The play was an important part of fashion when the creator of the miniskirt, Mary Quart, led this trend to your collection. Since then, was consecrated being used by actress Lynda Cartner (in the wonder woman series), Gloria Guida (in the movie Blue Jeans).

Currently, the hot pants are back with all the wardrobe girls and teenagers inspired by stars like Katy Perry and Pip. Now, it’s not just bikinis with modeling hot pant, but also shorts, and if you pay attention in the lingerie, summer and enjoy the high-waisted panties in a more sensual and fun, which is what we want to show now!

High waist panties

Iamhigher panties are known as shape, that shape the body. But the sets now breaks the paradigms they are Granny panties, or those used for who wants to hide the chubbiness located or there are those beige underwear that cannot be part of the look. Now the trend is to bet in lingerie on display (such as body, bra straps and lace), like the high waist panties appear in this scenario?

In this concept, the high waist panties are worn under skirts with transparency, letting you look sophisticated and sexy at the same time. The tip is to wear under dresses and long skirts, lace or silk made. The most used colors are black and Burgundy, a sexy color that usually stand out in every skin color.

And for use in a special night? Set using the piece with strapless bras or croppeds – you can set up a pin up look very sexy, and can even complement with a beautiful makeup.

An important tip for those with very breast is opting for pieces that do not exceed the line of the belly button. Look at this model used by Demi Lovato:

If you feel like joining this fashion, pass on Specialità and check out the high-waisted underwear models for you bulldoze at parties or for those special moments.