How Do Bra Sizes Work?

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I will continue with Chapter 2 of How They Work Sizes and explain what I left pending in another post: The equivalences between sizes, or rather between drinks.

To do this, sorry but we reemphasize my crappy-drawings (which has been very successful lol).

We had made ​​it clear in the previous post that these two people do not agree on the cup size or contour. But having the same volume pectoris, bra each use will be well to each other as is the cup. There is an equivalence between sizes of the volume, which the Anglo – Saxons call “sister sizes” is, carvings sisters. The two friends drawing use two sizes are sisters because her tits are equally large. (The word “boob” seems to me sounds kind enough to put it in writing, but is that it’s that they are all the same out! What do you think? Jaja).

Each bra size is equivalent to or sister height with a lower contour and greater glass or vice versa. It sounds a little twister, but with an example I think you get better. In the previous post he had said that the girls could wear a little drawing 85D and 95B respectively, and these sizes are equivalent. 85D = 90C = 95B for bra size. These three sizes have an equal volume, ie, what would the hoop and fabric lining the chest would be exactly the same and the only change would be the length of the strip. So we said that the letters of the cups are relative to the contour. If I have a back contour 85 and a chest girth of 85 + 4, my size will be 85D. A person with an outline of a size 90 would outline more than I and with the same volume of breast, breast contour would then be 90 + 3, that is, a 90C. Another person with a back contour 95 and the same volume, has a chest girth of 95 + 2, that is, the same absolute volume but smaller size in relation to his chest, so a 95B. The numbers I am using are not real, the measurements of a 85D are not 85 and 89, but use so you can understand better. On another occasion later we discuss the measures of each size.

I have drawn this table that the equivalences between sizes are. All sizes of the same color are equivalent in volume.


I stopped in the K cup and contour 115, but there are more as I said many times. Anyway, this will be used to get an idea of the size montonazo of the world. If we go to a Oysho we offer 5 sizes: Cups B from 80 to 100 (I think they have now started offering the cup C, so they would be 10 sizes). If we go to a Secret Womens I think we offer 22 models (up to cup D in some sizes). But in reality there are many more than 100 . And women who use one of those “rare” carvings are no bugs or are disproportionate to a monstrous chest, or anything like it. And the chest have, the more we should be concerned to bring the right size.

Well, what we were! I I deviate from it. As I said, all sizes are the same color on the graph, carry the same volume but with different band chest. This helps us to know how to move around the sizing when a bra is big or small for us somewhere.

If you try on a bra and looks good in what is the outline, but the cup is too big or small, it is very easy. You just have to take that same outline size and go up or down until you find the cup that fits you well.

But if you test you and looks good in the glasses, but wrong in the outline , then you have to find the equivalent size. If you pick the chest well but the band you up, you should try a size smaller contour and then raise a glass to the size of what you overlying the breast remain the same. If you squeeze too do otherwise, climb a band size and lower cup.