How Does a Kitchen Faucet Work

A kitchen faucet is connected to hot water systems and cold water by his two finishes through the connection of flexible size and no suitable screw -usually male ends 8 x 13 valve side and length200 mm.

Both networks in the valve body, coming in on the control devices for flow-called blender or mixer depending on the technology.

After that, cold water and hot water are mixed to obtain the temperature and the desired flow rate.

Kitchen Faucet: blender or mixer?


The mixer is the oldest technology because the valve has ahandle for cold water and a handle for hot water. We must adjust flow rates of hot and cold water separately to obtain the desired flow and temperature-and laborious operation uneconomical.

Mixers can be equipped with two types of headers: the valve heads and the ceramic heads.

Poppet Head

The valve heads have at their end a rubber seal called valve. This seal valve ensures the sealing of the water flow and changes when worn. It is full or punctured in the middle by the head.

Ceramic Head

With a stroke of a quarter turn, the ceramic heads are more comfortable and precise  and have a much higher life. By cons, they change when worn.


The mixers are more recent and more practical. They allow toadjust flow and temperature with one hand. The actuated lever upwards, play of output; from left to right, on the temperature. We can roughly maintain the temperature setting while the closing. Some mixers have a notched speed limiter and even anti-burn system .

The ceramic cartridges are designed for regular use and thus have a significant lifetime.

kitchen faucet: what is a thermostatic mixing valve?

The installation of a thermostatic mixer tap in the kitchen is not widespread because water needs are varied (cold and hot water), a classic mixer enough-however prefer a mixer with scald ring .Thermostatic mixing valves are installed in the bathrooms and particularly the showers and bathtubs-they are generally listed in the bathroom taps. However, some thermostatic mixing valves have a beak and configuration that they can be installed above asink.

A thermostatic mixer allows regulate the temperatureaccording to the will of the user by adjusting the flow of cold water and hot water. This is a very hand practical but also verysafe. A thermostatic mixing valve has two handles, one where the first rule is precisely temperature , the grip is graduated in degrees Celsius (° C); a second that is used daily and which opening water ensures the flow . The main advantage of a thermostatic mixer that the temperature of the output water is always at the desired temperature.

By limiting the temperature, the thermostatic mixing valve prevents scalding especially on sanitation old where the means of production of hot water (boilers, water heaters) are not equipped with temperature control devices output. For this reason, the thermostatic mixing valve is recommended for children and the elderly.

Kitchen Faucet: quality and guarantee

The price of a kitchen faucet can range from a few euros to several hundred. As with any product, the more expensive faucets offer upgraded amenities that are interesting to consider.


A guarantee extended beyond the legal guarantee, even for fragile parts, is reassuring and sign of quality. All kitchen faucets should be standardized NF.

Quality of finish

The piece castings with a neat finish guarantees the absence of deposits forming at the assemblies.

Quality of Service

The availability of spare parts and the certainty of their compatibility with the kitchen faucet, even after the cessation of production of it, is the guarantee of a recognized brand.

hose connection

The connecting hoses and the seals can be of various grades-relating to the kitchen faucet. These fittings accessories are easilyreplaceable.

Strength of materials

The chrome and other coatings suffer the aggression of cleaning products current and time. A first prize kitchen faucet quickly loses its coating while a high-end mixer retains the most lasting .

Nature alloys

The type of alloys guarantees the absence of harmful substances that could migrate in water. Low-end faucets may containlead or other heavy metals. This is a major health risk it is better not to run, especially for a kitchen faucet.

kitchen faucet: what is an aerator?

The water out of the tap with a piece called aerator. The sievecomponent incorporates air and water channels the flux by removing the projections. Care must be taken to remove and replace the aerator on the faucet that you choose for two reasons:

  • Aerator filter the waterand will therefore become dirty and furring over time. So you have to drop to clean regularly;
  • One can play on the aerator to reduce flowin tap outlet incorporating more or less air. It’s a clever way and very economicalto reduce your water consumption without feeling that the tap is anemic. This is good for nature, good for the wallet, and it is done in 5 minutes.

Kitchen Faucet: why choose a faucet with spray?

There are many kitchen faucets equipped with showers. Recent facilitate rinsing vegetables or dishes for one can orient andmove the jet at will. Fill a container becomes a breeze. Some showers can play on the jet type according to the work to be done through a normal jet with a rain jet , much more effective for rinsing . There are two types: integrated showers and U-shaped inverted showers.

Integrated shower

The integrated showers have a hose that enters the kitchen faucet.

The valves are compact and discreet, but be careful to book a passage for the  flexible  under the sink!

These showers are also called extractable showers .

U-shaped shower inverted

The showers “leaders” inverted U shape are guided by a spring .

They are handy and very aesthetic, ensure that you have room to become a professional diver!

Kitchen Faucet: which style to choose?

The aesthetic criteria are subjective. Know that there are all styles, from retro to contemporary through the classic and clean lines of a design kitchen faucet. You can play on materials and form-kitchen taps with square spout. Most faucets feature achrome dress-gloss or satin.

However, there are finishes in brushed stainless steel, more sober or even copper or brass plated to give a more rustic appearance. More rarely, some kitchen faucets can have a color coating on a point with the work plan in the colorful modern kitchens.

Spout Shape

Do not overlook: the length of the beak! Think practical and aesthetic think! A window above the kitchen sink could force you to choose a faucet spout down or  to fold nose.

Kitchen faucets are broken via three types of beak, the cast spout, the cast spout and reported beak.

Cast spout: faucet and nozzle are one piece, convenient for cleaning.

Cast spout: only part of the faucet is cast with the bill.

Bec reported: the beak is independent from the tap, it is a second piece in itself.

Kitchen Faucets Why choose an infrared faucet?

The infrared sensor detects movement of the hands under the spout and open water as soon as you pass the front. Remove your hands from the jet and the valve closes automatically. Hygiene is flawless!

Energy side, the sensor is powered by a battery or AC power for infrared faucets for public facilities.

Infrared faucets are very effective in reducing water consumption.

The installation of an infrared tap  in the kitchen is rare – more installed above a hand basin or sink .

Kitchen Faucet: how to filter water?

In fact, the vast majority of people drink tap water. Yet all water qualities are not equal. There are solutions, and it’s not a big deal.The three-way valves are used to connect a filtration device .Other types of filtration settling on standard faucets are distinguished:

·         to filter cartridge filters;
·         polyphosphate filters;
·         magnetic filters;
·         activated carbon filters;
·         sediment filters.

Choose to equip its plumbing a water filtration system is improving daily life. While filtered water is not worth the water source of the Auvergne, is to drink without moderation!

How to maintain his kitchen faucet?

For optimal functioning of your kitchen faucet or simply to age well, a minimum of maintenance is required or carrying small simple repairs. Ride on the maintenance!

Valve cleaning

The exterior of the valve must be cleaned with a soft sponge and water or mild soap to preserve surface finishes and plastic parts. A soft cloth is ideal for restoring shine to chrome. If the water is hard, a Calc  can be used.

Thermostat Maintenance

Must regularly place the thermostat in cold position and drain some water to operate the temperature sensor.

Maintenance foamer

The aerator must be decalcified regularly by removing and then dipping it in white vinegar.

Replacing valves, ceramic heads and cartridges

Small operations can be performed to correct a valve mixer malfunctioning. The most common operation is the change valves. The flaps are rubber discs located at the end of the valve heads. They can lose their flexibility, become clogged over time and generate a leak. A € 5 banknote and 10 minutes of tinkering to solve the problem.

On a mixer ceramic disk, change the head in case of malfunction.

On a mixer, so must change the cartridge  in case of malfunction-subject to find the appropriate spare part.A