How to Add Length to a Dress Without Sewing

During the week I posted this picture on our Instagram – you can find us on Instagram via @bridgatdk, view our Instagram here (opens in new window)

It got a few comments with on the road that went on, that I have delicious legs. It is exactly the same leg, on the two other pictures where my legs are certainly not worth commenting on as beautiful.

The polka dot shorts ending in the fattest place on my thighs. Leopard dress ends in the middle of my knees, which is the narrowest point on my legs. The flowered dress ends where my Shins are broadest.

What makes the big difference for my legs, is the length of, respectively, dresses and shorts. The images illustrate on perfect show, why it is so important that you are aware of where on your body, your clothes ending.

It you must be based in, to where your clothes ending, your body will be highlighted. Therefore, you may want to be aware of the fact that your clothes ending, where you are at its narrowest. That is exactly what leopard dress makes.

But don’t despair if your clothes are either too long or too short. The dress I put up, and shortsne do I use in the winter months with thick socks that makes my legs look thinner out.

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