How to Apply Eyeliner Pen on Top Lid

Tired of making a mess with the eyeliner? Do not throw it in the bottom of a drawer! Discover our tricks to easily wear makeup with eyeliner, no more mistakes!

How to Apply Eyeliner Pen on Top Lid

A look highlighted by a sleek and stylish black line, practically perfect.

Who would not like to wear makeup so?

In reality, however, every time you try to apply the eyeliner, the result is a complete disaster: color printing on the entire eyelid, smear, bleed, various flicker, eyes bloodshot and differences between one eye and the other.

But being able to apply eyeliner well and correctly as you can.

If you have already tried the spoon method and scotch tape of which we told you about in a previous article , do not despair!

Follow our simple tips for eye makeup and you will succeed too!

  1. Take last longer eyeliner or eye shadow pencil overlaying
    First outlined the eyes with a pencil or eyeliner.

With very little eye shadow around the eyes powder applied with a thin brush forth through the line: it will set the pencil in position, making it last longer.

2. Use the pencil as a guide

If you do not have a steady hand, you do before a line with a pencil and then ripassatela with the eyeliner, especially if the liquid type (the most difficult to implement).

It will be easier to erase any mistakes.

3. Do you have the right color of eyeliner? Create it for yourself!

No need to buy all the colors of the rainbow to make many different makeup with eyeliner.

You just moisten a thin brush and pass it nell’ombretto of the chosen color: the effect will be that of a colored eyeliner.

4. You do not want to buy an eyeliner? Experiment with mascara!

you are not safe to use the eyeliner often, but would like to try the effect it has on you?

Apply a bit ‘of mascara with the brush as eyeliner, tracing the line around the eye!

5. If you have oriental eyes, draw a thicker line

Often people with oriental features of the face have the eyelid that falls much in the eye, hiding the line drawn with eyeliner.

If you have this problem, draw a pretty thick arc line, so that when you open your eyes, the line will be the right size.

6. Use the pencil as a gel eyeliner thanks to a lighter

To make a simple pencil in a long-lasting gel eyeliner, just hold the tip over the lighter flame for a few seconds, and then test it on the back of your hand before applying it, to prevent smudging.

7. If your eyeliner melts, put it in the freezer

It can happen that, if stored incorrectly, the eyeliner tends to melt, losing definition in the stretch.

Solve the problem by putting it in the freezer for 10 minutes before applying.

8. Made a natural make-up applying eyeliner between the lashes

It is said that one must necessarily apply eyeliner in the classic way: even filling the spaces between the eyelashes of the upper eyelid, from below, you will get a very nice and natural effect, without the need to be too precise.

9. Let stand a light eyeshadow with white eyeliner

To make the color of a light eye shadow more intense, you can erase the tone of the eyelid skin, by simply applying an eyeliner or a white pencil, which will make the garish eye shadow.

10. Raise your eyebrows with a white pencil

To obtain a lifting effect of the whole eye, traced with a pencil and pasty white coarse two lines, above and below the eyebrow.

Blended well and will get a lighting effect that will bring him more defined look.

11. Create a shadow effect with two shades of the same color

Start from the inner corner with a clear eyeliner: roll it out for the first three quarters of the eyelid line.

Now go to the outer corner, where you will apply, going towards the center, a darker eyeliner.

At the center of the eye, where the two colors meet, you just need an applicator for eye shadow sponge to blend the two colors to each other, ending the easy gradient effect.

 12. Use the white pencil to enlarge the eyes

Not everyone knows that the white pencil has many uses, not simply to illuminating.

For example, applying it inside the lower eyelid will get the effect of larger eyes, especially if you have deep-set them and want to correct them.

Also useful with smokey eyes, to balance the effect of rimpicciolente black.

13. Draw a “gate” to create the smokey effect

It seems strange, but you can get the beloved effeto nuanced around the eyes even with a simple pencil.

You can just use it to draw the pound sign # on the upper eyelid, the outer corner of the eye and then blend it with the pad or sponge. Continue drawing many “gates” to intensify the color and obtain a superposition of shades.

14. Use the brown instead of black to have a softer effect

To learn how to use the eyeliner opt for brown: in the effect is more delicate and easier to fix, it adapts to all the colors and you can also bring with makeup day.

15. Fix the smears with flesh-colored pencil

If you want to hide the burrs or make the eyeliner line that you have just finished applying thinner, roll out a flesh-colored pencil eyeliner line just above that, at the required distance.

It’s a useful trick even when wrong to apply eyeliner but you can not take it off and start over.

16. Add some glitter and is now party!

You have to go from the office to a dinner or a party, without crossing from home?

No problem, coupled with the eyeliner by day a second boundary glittery eyeliner.

The evening ‘effect!

17. Use a business card as a guide

Use a regular business card as “ruler” to follow to create a perfect end-point, it will be much easier using a reference, even the office bathroom!

18. To obtain a precise angle, you go on the contrary

Instead of proceeding to draw the line to the outside, do it on the contrary: in this way will be easier to understand where ends the outer corner, and draw the line accordingly.

19. Do not press too applicator

If you press too hard the tip eyeliner on the eyelid, the line will be more easily large and irregular.

You must proceed with a light hand, and finish the final point with even greater delicacy.

20. If you can not make a precise line, correct it with cotton buds

If you really can not make it to draw a clear and precise line in any way remains the last possibility: make the line as there is, then correct it where it is smeared with a cotton swab moistened with eye makeup remover!