How to Avoid the Destruction of Furniture and Objects

Posted by Dog citizen in 20/Sep/2014-

By Juliana Yuri, behavioral consultant and team Dressage Rider Dog citizen.

For many dog owners, one of the major problems is the destruction of furniture and objects. To deal with this behavior, it is necessary to understand that destroy objects is a natural need for most pets, because that’s the way they play and spend energy and interact with objects and the environment where they are–especially the young, who use your mouth to know things and also feel discomfort due to replacement of teeth, which causes more bites and destruction.

Another important thing is that, often, the pets do not receive the appropriate toys and are not exercised enough. This can cause boredom and, consequently, a greater interest by objects of the environment, increasing the mess.

To decrease the dog’s interest by forbidden objects, the simplest thing to do is to prevent access to them: put the waste basket on the kitchen counter, don’t let slippers and shoes available to the pet when he’s alone, hide electronics wires behind furniture etc. The less the dog have opportunities to interact with the objects, the better the workout.

On the other hand, offer different and toys galore for the dog, with textures, smells and different ways–bones, plush toys, hard plastic and nylon, pet bottles, ropes, fabrics with us, toys that dispense food etc. Mostly the chicks will benefit from this measure, since, as soon as you feel the urge to chew because of discomfort in the gums, for sure a toy will be around, avoiding roa table foot or shoe, for example.

Another way to decrease the dog’s interest for prohibited items is to use repellent sprays for dogs, which are sold in pet shops. These sprays must be applied a few times a day, daily objects. The puppy, when approaching the object, feel the smell, and even try to bite, the bitter taste the bother. Immediately, offer appropriate toys to pet, to show that he has options better than destroying your curtain anything tasty!

In addition, stroll with the dog! The daily walk will cause the puppy to stay calm and, of course, your games inside the House will be easier. Many times, the problem of destruction is caused by the fact the dog exercise and see things and different smells in your day to day.

Reward your pet every time he’s playing with one of her toys! Take snacks, make love, praise, play together, go for it, make party! The puppy will realize that draws your attention when you play with the toys. Don’t be sad if he destroy a new toy or remove all the stuffing of stuffed animal: it is a way for him to have fun and you’ll be saving other objects!

Remember: every time you offer a toy to your dog, supervise the first games. Make sure he’s not going to destroy and ingest parts of the toy, because, if that happens, the objects should be more resistant or edible.

Source: Pet Center.