How to Buy a Laptop Backpack

Not everyone thinks that, after buying a laptop, maybe craved for so long and with all the features we were looking for, our greatest need become to preserve it and protect it for as long as possible. One of the accessories that help in this aim are the notebook cases.

These backpacks have been adequately researched and created to carry comfortably laptop from one place to another, given that the laptop has its own utility useful for transport within the size and weight. There are different types of laptop bags, in this article we will examine the most common.

Backpack for Laptop: All Models on the Market

As mentioned, there are different types of backpacks for the transportation of laptops, which differ depending on which system to use for navigation. Then we can divide the notebook backpacks in:

  • 24-hour style backpacks: backpacks with a handle on the top horizontal, enclosed by zippers, velcro or bellows, in most rooms also feature a strap to be removed when not needed
  • padded notebook compartment with backpacks and straps for carrying distributed on the shoulders
  • combined, messenger backpacks or backpacks depending on the accessories (retractable) that you decide to use: guitar straps or braces from the shoulders
  • cases, reading and participating in the laptop, to carry it by hand, equipped with handle or carry under one arm, or to protect it further inside the backpack
  • trolley: the transport system is distinguished by the presence of wheels and pull-out handle to pull the laptop, usually used for larger laptops.

Selection criteria: technical features and options

To choose the most suitable to our notebook backpack there are several criteria to consider, in addition to the type classified according to the method of transport. There are different types of backpacks or backpacks or cases depending on certain characteristics (technical and otherwise):

  • the type of laptop for which it was designed, whether PC or Mac
  • the size of the laptop
  • the accessories and spare pouches supplied with the backpack
  • the material of the backpack
  • the aesthetics and the color of the backpack.