How to Buy and Use Vintage Clothing?

At a time when it seems that we’re all equal, with clothes and accessories of the same stores, nothing like join our wardrobe notes vintage, that help, and, making a difference, through unique and original parts.

What is vintage, anyway? When you think of vintage, are concerned old clothing and accessories, which have at least 20 to 25 years of age, or more. Not everything, so it is truly vintage …

And where to find these parts? In the chests of the mothers and grandmothers and specialty stores (or second hand fairs), which begin to appear in various parts of the country.

If you are a fan of the stores or fairs, be very careful when buying-analyze always well the piece, make sure it is thoroughly clean, no stains and no odors.

As regards the Accessories, it is important to analyze zippers, pockets, look at the inside of the parts (especially if they were bags or wallets), so as not to buy a pig in a poke.

There are, however, parts that I don’t recommend buying them shoes, for example, can’t clean and, so, it’s not a good idea to purchase and wear shoes that have been used for 20 years ago.

After acquired the pieces, and at the time of use, the trick goes through combine the same with other, more recent and current. In this way, you can a look not dated, perfectly current, but with a touch of distinction and striking.

As for washing, avoid always put these parts on the machine-wash by hand, always separately, with a low temperature and water with a mild detergent. Later, at the time of the Save, can and must resort to anti-mothproducts, to prevent deteriorate more quickly.

Personally, I’m a fan of pieces vintage. In Lisbon, for example, and in addition to the flea market, I’ve found some great finds in secondhand stores, with sections vintage and the other Face of the Moon. Recently opened another store, Maria Gonzaga (on the road of Pleasures, in Lisbon), who still don’t know, but I want too meet (to which belong the photos show here).

If you know other stores (in the North, for example), please leave the information in comment. All we win!

Above all, dare use different parts, identifying you, for the positive! And they note that the look lady-like, inspired by 50 Years, will be a strong trend this spring and summer!