How to Buy Glasses for Your Face Shape

If you occasionally have seen me with glasses on, you’ve seen me with a few of my glasses with the window glass. They will be pulled forward on those days when I am tired and limp in the covers, but nevertheless will have to go out and see the world in the eyes. On the kind of day they my protection against the world, and I delude myself into that more people are looking at my glasses than my tired eyes – whether the tactic works, I’ll leave others to decide.

Of you might say that I’m so lucky that my vision is not worse than that I only need glasses with strength when I’m working at my computer or reader.

That is why I have not gone so hard up that my old glasses was more than ten years old. But over the last few months, I’ve experienced getting hurt in the eye when I’m sitting at the computer, even if I have glasses on, and I’ve also had a hard time focusing on the text in my books.

When I still have drawn process of sight test and purchase of new glasses in a long time is that I think it is awkward and cumbersome to buy new glasses. First sight test and then stand there and we’re looking at a sea of different frame and trying and trying and may eventually not remember why you chose the different frames on or off and stands with the first pair in his hand again.

Therefore, it required something influent and a deep breath, as I walked through the door to the eyeglass business. First sight test and then back into the store, where one pair fine glasses after the second-term.

I had re-read Kristines article around to buy glasses to a plus-face – it is available here (opens in a new window), so I felt well-prepared.

But it was nevertheless quite as feared. The pile with glasses that might be interesting, grew bigger and bigger, and finally I stood still, and tried out the glasses, i initially had chosen from.

As you can see, I had a notion to go retro-way. The 50 ’ is-inspired eyewear is really fine, but it doesn’t change that I think the glasses come with me and steals too much attention. The shape is simply too pronounced for even my taste. So I also had an idea that I for the first time in my life should try steel glasses. The purple fell, however, that I do not like glasses with nose dutter – or whatever to anyone now. I like best that frames rests directly on the nose. Finally, I also had an idea that I would have a style with pang at the color, but it then fell to the ground with only existed in retroform.

But with friendly and expert guidance from the staff, I was aware that I to my face must have a width of glasses instead of glasses that “fills” in height, and I ended up buying this pair:

It was the very first few that I tried. The few that I intuitively reached out after on the display and the few that I returned to and compared the rest of the glasses, which I tried, with.

Therefore I know now that it is not at all have to be so hard to buy glasses. For in the end, knew that I had a pretty good sense of what was right for me. I ended up with a model Otto, and because my eyesight remains within the frame of the standard strengths, I could get my new glasses with home immediately for a sensible price for me at 745 USD + 200 USD for sight test.

I bought my glasses with Ie Glasses that have shop on Møntergade 5 in Copenhagen – you can visit their website and webshop here

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