How to Buy the Right Size Shapewear

it is now many years ago, I had my first encounter with shapewear. It was like a revelation to discover that my blubber body can be tightened up, so I go out into the world with a more solid feeling during vehicle.

The feeling do not cheat too, so here’s our guide to the different types of shapewear. But first we will start with to debunk a few widespread misconceptions about shapewear.

Shapewear tightens and is uncomfortable to wear
Yes that’s it, if you have purchased your shapewear too small in the belief that you can fit a size smaller in clothes. Shapewear that fits, gives a solid feeling but is in no way uncomfortable to wear.

Do you buy your shapewear too small, it has the effect that the models will be press up. It may well be that you get a very tight stomach, but now you have in turn gained a new delle, and it sits on the back over the edge on your shapewear.



Up to size 50, $ 299.95., Phonecations

It is not to difficult, when you have to pee
The rolls are not down on
Can give you some very boring flat breasts because it not only keeps your stomach inside but also your breasts
May tend to roll up over stand

undershirt with room to bust

up to size 56, ca. 585 USD + shipping, Spanx

There is the same thing to say to this as above with the exception of one great thing:
You avoid flat breasts because this shirt ending just below your bossom, and thus allows you to have your usual BRA on.


Panties with very high waist

Up to size 54/56, 349.95 USD + shipping, Zizzi

They tighten up on both ass and belly
You avoid flat tits
The rolls not rising above stand
The edge under the breasts can have a tendency to roll, meaning that one can see shapewearen through vehicle
Skirt is a know difficult, when you have to pee

the last disadvantage I presented once for a clerk in a lingerie shop that thrilled heaved a cavernous shapetrusse down from a shelf. I went with to try it but my idea of how wrong it can go, when you sit there and peeing in his bottomless shapetrusse prevented me from buying the.


up to size 50, ca. 330 USD + shipping, Marks & Spencer

Panties with long legs
Whether this can say exactly the same as if the skirt above. The only difference is that this shapetrusse also has long legs, which tightens your thighs up.

To benefits may, however, be added that this string in addition to tighten up on your thighs also provides a nice and smooth transition between the upper and lower body. It is therefore true good to dress or skirt.



up to size 56, 299 USD + shipping Ellos

A shapekjole is my new best friend because it goes hand in hand with my other new friend – the tight-fitting lace dress (opens in new window).

Me in lace dress is a really good proof that shapewearen either makes me a size smaller or get my Dor to disappear magically. But the tensioner me just so much up and holds together at all, that I have the courage to take the tight dress at.

It stops short and well on it all and makes your body into a long sliding transition.
It is damn difficult when you have to pee

penetrates your shapewear to be tightened up, you can put it in the freezer. It gets “tired” the fibers to pull together, so your shapewear regains its optimum elasitet.

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