How to Choose a Pillow

Like a mattress, a good pillow is the first guarantee of a restful sleep. If you wake up with neck or shoulder pain, maybe it’s time to change your pillow. Do you know how to choose the one that fits you best? We can help you.

To achieve a good rest it is necessary that head, neck and spine are aligned: that is what the pillow serves.Its objective is to contribute to an adequate posture of the spine, so that the muscles relax and it can favor a good rest and a good breathing. No need to say more to understand the importance of choosing the pillow well, but the ideal pillow does not exist, to choose it must take into account the habits of sleep and the physical build of each one (especially height and corpulence).

Of course, it is also essential to choose the mattress correctly, taking into account in choosing the weight, the posture of the sleeper, the temperature…

The Right Size

The width of the pillow should always exceed that of your shoulders. In contrast, its height or thickness varies according to the posture of the sleeper.

A low pillow (10 cm) is suitable for those who sleep on their stomachs, and also for small children, although in both cases it may be best to sleep without a pillow.

A medium pillow(12-13 cm) is ideal for those who sleep on the sword. It should be lower than the shoulders, and of a medium hardness.

A medium-high pillow(15 cm). It is ideal for those who sleep on their side, to keep the head and neck well aligned with the axis of the spine.

A tip to hit: in the store,try to test the pillow, adopting the posture in which you usually sleep: check that head, neck and spine are well aligned.

What Is The Best Filling?

The most common are feather, latex, synthetic or foam

Feather and down. The feathers are of goose or duck. Feather filled pillows are soft, deformed, but quickly returned to the starting point. They do not hold the neck tightly. This type of pillow is more suitable for those who sleep on their stomachs … but it is not recommended for very robust people, nor for those who move a lot while they sleep. It is also not suitable for people allergic, nor for small children. The price of a feather pillow ranges from 15 to 60 euros.

Latex.It may be synthetic, of natural origin or mixture of both.This type of pillow offers a good hold of the head, which makes it very suitable for those who sleep sideways or for large people. Latex admits movements well, and is also suitable for those who are allergic to mites.Its price ranges from 20 to 80 euros.

Synthetic. Usually this type of filler is polyester fiber, breathable. It is a soft pillow, very suitable for very thin people, for children and does not present allergy problems. They are economical: they cost from 7 to 30 euros.

Foam. Foam filler pillows are usually made of polyurethane. Many have “memory foam”, ie for a few seconds they maintain the shape of head and neck even if they change their posture, which makes it not very suitable for those who move a lot. Yes that goes perfectly for those who sleep sideways. The price of these pillows ranges from 12 to 100 euros.

Take Care Of Her

Already chosen, it is important that you take good care of your pillow,extend its useful life, which can extend up to about 5 years.

Air the pillow habitually: open the windows before making the bed, and ventilate well, to the air, once a week.

Turn it around often so that it will not deform.

Buy a washable pillow: just wash it once or twice a year.

Use a protective cover. You can buy pillowcases from EPILLOWCASES. You should wash every two months (the pillowcase, logically, every time you change the sheets).