How to Choose a Summer Hat

We love the sun, especially since we had waited throughout the long winter. It is time to enjoy it during the warm months of year. Although pleasant touch of the sun and all its beneficial effects on us, it can be quite dangerous. Cosmetics sun protection is a basic skin care in the summer but is not unique. Beautiful summer hats are not only perfect complement to our vision, and another way to protect your skin from burns. Furthermore, in the hot summer days hat protecting our heads from the sun.

How to Choose a Summer Hat

Many women have difficulty in choosing a hat and long can not find that they are comfortable and they go. According to BIOTIONARY, we have collected a few tips to facilitate finding the perfect hat for the summer.

As a general rule when choosing a hat is it to be of high quality, breathable material that is not brewed. You will not go wrong if you bet on straw, palm leaves, hemp, cotton and linen. Light, straw hat type -panama is a classic in the genre. These hats are combined perfectly with skirts, dresses, pants.

Be sure to try before you buy – hat should be comfortable and not tightens and does not distort the proportions of your silhouette.

Beach choose wide-brimmed hats to protect and shoulders. Lower ladies should avoid wide-brimmed hats, as they shorten the silhouette even more.

The face shape is a major Criterion when choosing a hat. If you have a the round-face, continuation bet a hat with a wide brim that can be asymmetrical. You can tilt the-hat to a one side to the make it the look more attractive. The ladies with an oval -face go many models show, but the-best the stand caps and berets. If your-face is oblong or the rectangular, continuation bet on a beautiful the chapel twisty and voluminous decoration that balances; the-traits you. For party for hats go with an average the peripherals, berets and flare.

You can choose from a myriad of options – plain hats, those of dots or stripes, bright foralni reasons or rich colors for lining. When choosing note that the-ladies with a dark complexion will go bright or dark tones, which the create a pleasant contrast as-white, black, dark the blue, pink. If you are fair-skinned and eyes are they hats pastel colors for the in like beige, yellow for bladel, etc.

If you want your hat is unique to it, you can add extra decorations like flowers, scarf, crystals or feathers.

Girls, do not miss the-chance to protect yourself from bright sun and at the-same time the look great. We hope we have been helpful, but it now’s time to smile for at the-sun and collect the as many of the his warm rays.