How to Choose Age Appropriate Toys

Every year at Christmas, but not only, we ask the same question: what toys to give to their children, grandchildren or children of friends? Christmas, birthday, Easter, Epiphany are occasions when children receive gifts and small toys that are purchased. But what to buy?

Not to meet the day before the fateful date at having to turn desperate every corner of the city in search of appropriate toys, it is advisable to inquire for time on the most suitable toys for different ages and on children’s tastes that will be given away. Do not worry. It’s easier than it sounds!

Toys: the traditional ones are always loved

Half of the cheap toys sold by RCToysAdvice was purchased during the Christmas season. The children are just waiting for this day to receive the toys that dream. However, many people do not like to give away video games, candy or common objects, but something special. Traditional toys like dolls, books, stuffed animals, board games or puzzles are still very loved is to give that as a gift!

Toys for babies

A baby in its first year of age is busy to take conscience of the world and to perceive the operation. For this age you should opt for brightly colored toys that produce sympathetic noises that are pleasant to the touch and sight. Difficult? Here are some ideas:

  • carousel: the child is still too small to sit, but it will stand for a long time lying down, staring at the ceiling. A carousel may therefore be the perfect toy. Decorated many dolls and colored shapes, usually also has a gentle circular motion. The toy will be removed, however, before the child falls asleep, otherwise it will be too stimulated by the movement of the carousel and will not slumber;
  • I play mats: the game mats are padded covers with the supports which are suspended of toys. It’s perfect as a play afternoon;
  • ball: the ball for newborns is great fun! It will be great for them to hit it gently and gattonarle behind. Also it is very soft and round there is no danger from hurting themselves;
  • plush: what better way to give your baby a beautiful plush? It will be his playmate and life all the time. It will be impossible not to affections;
  • covers: a perfect gift for such small children is a warm, soft blanket, which envelop and protect them from the cold outside. Infants will not want to part with it;

The baby toys must not naturally contain harmful substances or other parts that may be hazardous. Toys in woodor other natural materials will be particularly suitable for this age.

Toys for children from 1 year

At one year of age, children are exactly between the anchor being of babies and children to become. What toys to give to children of this age? A year is already beginning to talk and walk and interact with the rest of the world. The most recommended toys are therefore the following:

  • Walkers: finally more autonomous in moving, the child will want to explore and wander through the house. Not yet fully adept at walking a particularly appropriate gift will therefore be a walker, to help him in his exploration missions giving him the necessary support;
  • books with pictures: read aloud to your children is for them a very good exercise, to increase their vocabulary and comprehension. Se there are many figures in the book the child will feel more involved and encouraged to browse for themselves after reading it with mom or dad;
  • construction: create something for themselves is a satisfaction for anyone, even for kids! For this reason the buildings are excellent gifts for children of this age, as they stimulate their creativity with fun;
  • do-it-yourself: sometimes the little things are the best. Why not build a small fortress of cardboard to your children? The materials will be few, maximum fun! What if it breaks? It is rebuilt in a jiffy;

And when he grows up? What do all these games? You can give them away to friends or relatives who have children of this age! More games are available, the more you have fun!

Children’s toys

Children grow up and desires in terms of the game change. The first games will not be the most interesting, because the baby will have developed a lot more skills and will have other tastes towards the game. But no problem: for this period of childhood, many games are available. Particularly suited for this type of age are toys that develop talent and skills:

  • water pistols: it’s better to spend the summer playing with their little friends with water guns. Strategies and attacks to determine the winner of the water war, or just fool around and play freely;
  • puzzle: there is nothing comparable to the satisfaction of having done a nice puzzle. After spending many hours in search of the missing pieces, eventually the picture is complete. Only for the patients;
  • lego: which child in the world does not like Lego? The more complex evolution of the buildings games, allow to give rein to the imagination and sharpen our wits. All thanks to many small colored blocks;
  • Skates, scooters or skateboards: the movement is important for children! Why not encourage them by giving them toys such as skates, scooters or skateboards?;
  • Creative toys: it’s a little chemist, a bakery for sweets or laboratory to create the beads does not matter: these games encourage creativity and skills of the child with joy;

Thanks to the great variety of toys fun is absolutely guaranteed!

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