How to Choose Camping Tent

The tents allow all nature lovers and hiking to camp a little everywhere, whether it’s a forest, a clearing or a camping area with all facilities. Read the guide to know the characteristics, types, and how to choose the best camping tents according to criteria of quality, price, offers and correct information to the consumer.

How to Choose Camping Tent

How they are made

Hiking tent consists of a casing, usually made of aluminum. This frame should be then covered by some fabric sheeting that must be absolutely impermeable to prevent, on rainy days, water and moisture from entering inside, ruining and rovinandoci holidays or housing, in the event that our living place.

This is a feature that should not be missed: the impermeability of its external structure is absolutely important. If over the years the fabric loses this characteristic, there are sprays suitable to make them waterproof again.

The curtains, in their smaller expressions, like the one-seater, consist of a single settlement, within which usually there’s only room for mats, on which sleep with our tent, sleeping bag and, if there’s room, even for camping, camp beds certainly much more comfortable to sleep in complete comfort. There must also be a space to put our bags.

We then those slightly bigger than within them can accommodate more people. This type is very similar to a home. Inside it is indeed characterized by different “rooms”. In the larger models also have two bedrooms and a common area, which can also be used as a kitchen, if you don’t have a camp kitchen or another tent used as a kitchen outside (preferable solution, because otherwise the smoke remains in its “walls”).

Some models, especially large ones, also have Windows with mosquito canvas included, to avoid hassles with mosquitoes and other insects that could disturb our nights.


Hiking tent is divided into several types according to its form, its capacity and to its greatness. The main types are: the Canadian, from field, from camping, igloo, and thetrailer tent. Let’s start with the Canadian, which usually is very small and can fit inside only a maximum of two people: this is the most common type of tent for sale currently on the market. You can find in different modes.

Then we have the field that are commonly used by soldiers and by the military in their camps. Finally we have the tent, a tent from the forms very similar to a home, which is typically used by families, because inside it can accommodate up to five or six people. And sometimes even more.

Another type is the so called igloo, so called because its shape resembles that of the typical houses of the people of the North Pole. Often all these types, even smaller ones, have a small porch in front. And don’t forget that each, when not in use, it must have its sacs, where it must be kept with care, together with bolts, aluminum or fiberglass. So the next time you’ve got everything ready.

We finally also the so-called tent trailers, not ideal for hiking but perfect for a long stay. This is a special type, already included inside the cart to carry it around directly on its support. The curtain is then mounted directly inside the cart. Definitely very convenient and very practical solution, to mount it across easily and comfortably, without wasting too much time in the editing (although newer models have become easy to install and allow everyone to spend their holidays in tents, without going mad to mount it).

How to choose

After having described the main types currently available on the market, here we give you useful and practical advice on which one to buy. First, we must take into account the number of people who will want to accommodate within the structure and build: a tent too small for two people very high and strong may be somewhat uncomfortable. Better abound with dimensions. There is also to say that often what is written on the label as to the number of places exist, does not always correspond to the real capacity of the tent.

Another requirement to consider is the weight. It starts from a minimum of 2 kilos to reach 5 kilos and more displacement of. If the property is bigger obviously weigh more. You have to calculate what your transportation to choose the best solution: If you are for example carry it on your shoulder for a long time, better to choose lighter models.

We must also pay special attention to the material with which it is built. Better to opt for solid and durable materials. Better to choose models with aluminum poles: they are much lighter than other solutions and are also much more resistant. We also recommend that you verify the impermeability of the material used for covering of the tent, which is very important not to be overlooked. Always check inside the box there are the Assembly instructions: avoid unpleasant surprises when you arrive at the place you chose for your camp.

If you prefer the convenience of having everything in your cart, then the trailer tent for you: it’s just a little more awkward to carry around than a regular camping, because in any case the use of a vehicle to transport it. While the convenience of the tent that can be carried anywhere, by any means: on foot, by bike, cycling.

Where to buy

After having described how it’s done, what patterns exist in the market at the present time and after having given some useful advice on which model prefer according to the different needs that there may be, here we are to address the issue of where to buy it.

The shop is always a good solution. During the summer, in fact, are equipped of special sections where you can find various forms and capacities. In addition, we will also be able to find everything we can come in handy during camping holiday: accessories for the kitchen, sleeping, like sleeping bags and mats, water bottles and more.

Exist throughout Italy and have the advantage of having qualified personnel ready to help you in choosing the most suitable model for your needs. In these stores you will find models from top brands currently on the market. Even large retail chains involved in the sale of sporting goods of all kinds. Usually in a special section you will find everything you need for your camping: tents, various accessories and maintenance tools.

Finally, the internet. Here on auction sites or ecommerce portals expressly dedicated to sports and camping, you can make your purchases. And maybe save a little something: but eye to shipping costs. Being a bit bulky parcels may not suit you so much buying online.