How to Choose Cruiser Bike

The distinctive feature of clruiser is the form, different from that typical of Italian bicycles. The frame has a very harmonious, geometrical shaped, not at all. Read the guide to know the characteristics, types, and how to choose the best cruiser bike according to criteria of quality, prices, offers and correct information to the consumer.

The frame varies depending on the model chosen, if a hot rod, which resembles the American motorcycle line, a more classic profile nutcaseor a Schwinn SintRay made specifically for children.

But the chassis also varies depending on the gender of the person. For the woman in fact the conformation is much lower. However, before you buy one it is always a good idea to follow the precise selection criteria, which are more or less the same as recommended for a normal city bike.

How to Choose Cruiser Bike

First of all, the look, the choice is mainly by our personal tastes. The same applies to the color. The bike very vivid colours such as American are the yellow, red, orange, blue etc. There are of course also darker colors like black, amaranth etc –

The key is the frame. Then the right size, from a small, one medium and one large. Before deciding for one rather than another is preferable to prove it. It also should be light, so better to an aluminum frame. On the market are also available wooden models, but compared to other materials the latter is slightly heavier.

Make sure that the bike is fitted with fenders that cruiser is often equipped with a miniskirt, a roof rack and everything that can be useful during your daily commute. The wheels are usually large and the saddle and handlebars very wide and adjustable type. All this to give more comfort to the driver.