How to Choose Front Door

Choose an entry door isn’t just a matter of aesthetics, it must also ensure safety, thermal and acoustic insulation. Focus on the different criteria to be taken into account for good choose a performant and aesthetic gateway.

How to Choose Front Door

What Material for a Front Door?

Like windows, doors are manufactured in several materials that do not present the same advantages nor the same disadvantages.

Wooden entry door

Wood is a good acoustic and thermal insulation. Choose resistant species such as oak, larch, pine that IFH (Insecticide, fungicide, water repellent) treatment or exotic species like the Tauari, the Movingui, Pau Amarello, naturally rotproof but also treated IFH. If it offers an authentic look, guarantee robustness and longevity and charm is indisputable, wood nevertheless requires regular maintenance, even if it is processed.

porte d’entrée moderne en bois – Bel’m

Entry aluminum door

If its price is still a brake, aluminum has more than one asset. Ultra resistant in time, it is also a deterrent for burglars and requires no particular maintenance. As aluminum is conductive to cold, it will have to be combined with a thermal insulation of high quality to ensure good performance. Rather than framework models, choose the one-piece doors for their indisputable qualities in the field of thermal and acoustic insulation.

porte d’entrée Alinea Bel’m

Front door in aluminium and wood

Perfect compromise for those who hesitate between the door entirely wooden or aluminum, this type of gateway brings together the benefits of each material. The outside will be aluminum and wooden Interior. Associated with a good locksmith, this door is a good safeguard against burglaries.

porte mixte aluminium et bois de Bel’m

PVC front door

Resistant to shocks, weather and temperatures, PVC today offers good insulating performance once it is assembled in a thermal complex of quality. Its more? The PVC there is no requirement of maintenance and its reasonable price is not to neglect.

Porte d’Entrée Moderne En PVC Blanc – Leroy Merlin,

Steel entry door

More affordable than wood and aluminum, steel has many qualities. Ultra resistant to break-ins and the different climatic conditions, its thermal performance are obvious from the moment it is combined with a polyurethane foam.

porte d’entrée en acier de couleur Bel’m                                                                                                 Composite door

From the latest technology, the composite is made from moulded fibreglass material that guarantees a good acoustic and thermal insulation thanks to its density. More durable than metal so against break-ins, rotproof, and offering beautiful decorative aspects, the composite is the ideal material for a gateway. Only downside: its equivalent to that of the aluminum price.

Porte d’entrée en composite de Tryba

All of these materials offer a wide range of decors and shapes to adapt better to the facades of the houses in order to provide a real cachet thanks to the quality of the materials, the variety of colours and lines.

What Glazing for a Glass Entry Door?

What are semi-vitrees or entirely windows, entry doors combine two materials generally according to Anylistintheus.                                                                                                                                         In this case, the choice of double glazing systems is preferred. This glazing is composed of several sheets of glass in which are inserted movies PVB (polyvinyl Butinol). Double glazing comprising 2 glasses of 4mm thick reinforced by 4 PVB films will provide minimum protection.

Porte d’entrée tiercée design de Margaux Keller pour K par K

What Dimensions for a Front Door?

Today, in new construction, the standard dimensions of a gateway are 215 high and 90 cm wide. As part of a renovation, customization is inevitable, though one can still find doors 200 x 80 or 90 cm.

It is also possible to adopt the system of doors tiercees 2/3 of the door and 1/3 of a fixed or mobile generally glazed. In this case choose a self-timer glazing of a break-in.

The Security of An Entry Door

Generally, the entrance doors are equipped with a 3-point lock. For highest protection, prefer the 5-point locks or better yet, the lock to biometric recognition equipped with a reader of fingerprint linked to an alarm system.

Latest addition: the magnetic safety cylinder which defies all attempts of break-ins.

Insulated entry doors qualify for the tax credit from the moment they enter in a bunch of work.

Finally for the thermal insulation of a gateway, see the Ud coefficient expressed in W/m². K. more there is, the better is the thermal insulation of your door.