How to Choose the Ideal House for the Dog?

Posted by Raquel Bersano in January 27, 2014-

For the dogs, the House is much more than a protection against rain and strong wind. It’s the place where they feel completely protected from everything, a space them.

Therefore, even the dog who lives in the House or apartment must have a House. Even if you don’t use it constantly, the mere fact of her being there, will provide him a peace of mind to know that there is a shelter available for use as required.

Tips Size

Did you know that dogs prefer to house the mansions? That’s right! For them, tighter holes give more security than large spaces. So, when buying pet ‘, look for one with spaces just for the dog to stand up and give your ride before you go to bed. Cleaning cleaning of the House must be done constantly according to


External bins should protect the dog from wind and rain. If there is no possibility to protect the House from the Sun in the hottest hours, get one with thermal insulator. As the dog likes to be near his group, that is, of the owners, the ideal is that the House stay in a place where he can easily see you.

Dogs that stay outside, for example, like to lie down next to the door and not in the backyard. The ideal place to put the little house is therefore very close to the place of entry and exit of persons.