How To Choose The Right Lingerie

The lingerie is not only the one we use under the pieces of clothing or the one with which we want to seduce, the lingerie has a great goal, that of giving adequate support to those areas for which it was designed. In addition, it is about making the wearer feel comfortable and match perfectly with each piece chosen and with each occasion. There is a wide variety of lingeriemodels, it is very important to choose the right one. That’s why we tell you how to choose the right lingerie.

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1 Whenever you are buying lingerie you should try it so you can prove it is the right size for you.

2 You should always use the correct size, you can not use any more or less.

3 Girls with little breast can opt for bras with push up and rim, these can increase and raise the chest. For those with a lot of breast it is recommended to use bras with reinforced handles, and in case you want to disguise them you should opt for reducing bras.

4 The strapless pieces should be worn with strapless bras, that is,without straps, never with colored or transparent straps because it gets very unsightly. Here you can see more options on how to wear a bra with a dress without back.

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The bustiers or corsets are ideal for the nights of passion, some have fins that reduce the waist.

6 The thongs are ideal for thin women and to be worn in very fair dresses. When they are very small they will not be marked on the clothes. These parts should be used when necessary, but are not recommended for daily use, as they are very small and very tight can cause urinary infections.

7 The caleçons are perfect for use when you wear dresses or skirts, although they can also be used with pants. This type of underwear will help disguise the hip pads.

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According to dentistrymyth, the briefs or panties are ideal for everyday, since they are one of the most comfortable types of lingerie and you can use them with the vast majority of clothes.

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