How To Choose Your Bikini

In this space are some tips of how to choose the best bikini for your body.

Oval Body Type

The woman body “oval” has the hips and shoulders the same width and has no waist marking. Better known in Brazil as “Apple” body, the woman with this type of silhouette also has thin legs and the abdomen usually prominent.

To refine the silhouette and improve the proportion, the cool thing is to value the most beautiful and thin parts of the body such as neck and legs. Create an illusory, avoiding the waist belts, and invest in cutting and straight parts and not as wide, using more pictures at the bottom of the body and more flat pieces on top. V-neck is also a great tip!

That Bikini Should I Choose?

The bikini is a perfect piece to refine the silhouette and disguise your tummy, according to anycountyprivateschools.

Prefer bikinis that have the BRA with padded strap, reinforced and cuttings to give sustaining the breasts, and panties with waist high.

What Colors And Prints Are Better?

Small prints and darker colors in the BRA also help give a balanced proportions bigger.

Hourglass Body Type

This body type is considered one of the most attractive, since there is a more harmonic ratio: shoulders and hips of the same size and waist and marked.

The woman who has the hourglass body may feel more free to use any type of clothing, since the proportions are more balanced.

That Bikini Should I Choose?

Any bikini, swimsuit or triquíni that you want, just be careful to use extremes, like knickers with wide straps Bras, for example;that can leave the look heavy for this biotype.

What Colors And Prints Are Better?

The choice, taking in tom your skin tone and hair. Anyway, if you find more beautiful!

Triangle Body Type

The silhouette triangle, here known as Pera, has the hips wider than shoulders. This body type is one of the most common among the Brazilian, who has a reputation around the world by way of their butts. To enhance the look, the trick is to highlight the shoulders, the neck and breasts and trying to “diminish” the hips visually.

That Bikini Should I Choose?

Bet on bikinis that have details, cutouts, wide straps, pad and draw attention to the BRA.

Prefer the bikinis panties also with few frills, with simpler modeling without bows and other things that can add volume on the sides.

What Colors And Prints Are Better?

As well as in modeling, choose bright colors and flashy prints on top and more neutral colors, dark and without much pattern on the bottom.

Inverted Triangle Body Type

Women who have the body in the form of inverted triangle, tend to have broad shoulders (sometimes big breasts too) and narrow hips. Unlike body PEAR type, order this time is to value the hip and lower the shoulders to create a greater visual balance.

That Bikini Should I Choose?

Flashier panties bikinis, modeling with fru-frus, frilled and the like, to accentuate the hips.

Bras simpler, with thin spaghetti straps or “mark” very visual.

What Colors And Prints Are Better?

At the top I’d prefer more neutral colors and prints on the bottom and small bet on large prints, bold colors and contrasting horizontal stripes.

Rectangle Body Type

As well as a rectangle, this body is more upright, with the bust, hips and waist very similar. People with this biotype tend to have a more athletic silhouette and without the waist outlined, so the first thing to do is check the waist!

That Bikini Should I Choose?

Bikinis with much information both on top as on the bottom, such as ruffles, moorings and hollows, to give a greater impression of “curves” in the body.Halter and panties modeling with higher sides, like paragliding also help create the desired safety belt.

Cut swimsuits with marked waist and mainly the modeling “fool mom.”

What Colors And Prints Are Better?

You can bet in striking colors, cheerful and large prints also.

But despite all these tips, the most important thing is to feel good inside the body and your bikini, because happiness is the best beauty treatment that exists.