How To Copy The Luxurious Costumes Of Fernanda Lima In “Love & Sex”

By Isabel Rodrigues, Associated Press Content

Saturday nights were more fun with Love & Sex, on Globo TV. And you can tell that were more luxurious too. “Guilt” of the increasingly elaborate costumes and full of style of host Fernanda Lima. The change came with the arrival of Director Daniela Gleiser, who wanted to give the attraction a dude more than show.

Soon at the premiere in January, appeared in a big way. She used a “body” embroidered with 25000 crystals. The piece had the bust well marked and a half point, and was signed by designer Nsubuga Xis, known for dressing artists such as Cláudia Raia, Paloma Bernardi and Carolina Dieckmann. She is one of three professionals responsible for the design and manufacture of clothing worn by Fernanda. Yet behind the scenes, other 18 professionals realize create visuals.

-Sometimes, we have a week to make an outfit that would take a month – says Nsubuga.

-This look, in particular, reminded me quite a costume used by singer Madonna, and made by French designer Jean Paul Gaultier -designer Beatrice Cressoni quotes.

– Is a bold outfit, and makes a joke, like I was naked. I loved it, thought it was beautiful-says Fernanda.

In the second appearance, in a pré-Carnaval program, on the last weekend of January, Carmen Miranda served as inspiration. It was a skirt and top set, both embroidered with crystals. The turban filled with props and huge bracelets also made allusion to Little Notable.

-The two costumes are extremely elaborate and laborious – Beatriz account.

Body’s tendency

Although the clothes worn by Fernanda be of high luxury, you can draw in the wardrobe of the presenter and take certain concepts and ideas for the everyday life.

-You can enjoy quite a lot, especially in the summer. The “body”, for example, is a strong trend, and that everyone else is using. The cropped top is another amazing piece, as well as the maxiacessórios -the fashion designer Beatrice Cressoni.