How to Create a New Wardrobe on a Budget

It is the fewest enjoyed not having to give the economy a thought, when to buy clothes. Reality looks for most like this, that we will have to think hard about and prioritize, because there is no money for it all. Therefore you get here the inspiration for how you can consider to save and spend when you need to buy new for your wardrobe.

The specific brands that will be referred to below are my personal favorites. And let me immediately be said that what is expensive and cheap is a very subjective assessment and will indeed be different from person to person. But at least here you get inspiration, where you can choose to save and spend within your budget.

In my wardrobe, I make a distinction between today’s trend and my basic wardrobe. Today’s trend is what is modern here and now and often only survive one season. My basic wardrobe is the pieces of clothing that I match with today’s trend, and at the same time, they are pieces of clothing that I feel really comfortable in, and therefore returns to again and again.

Get inspiration for webshops in our list here, – if you are in doubt about the foreign sizes, there is help to be had in our sizing guide

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If you insist that the bra and panties must match, so it will be either an expensive pleasure or a button so that perfect experience. For while it is perhaps not so important how the panties looks like a cheap bra often has a tendency to not keep so well together and support a big and heavy bosom, as the more expensive brands.

But if you’re not with that during hush clothes should match, you can both save and spend when it comes to underwear.

To be good at our feet is essential, as they have to carry us over a lifetime. It is therefore quite legitimate to think that this is a place that is not at all to be saved. It is a punchline, as such I do not disagree with that. But when I buy shoes, I nevertheless distinguish between shoes for everyday and party shoes for – in short, between surface and high shoes.
The price of shoes hangs greatly along with the material. Shoes in art material is usually cheaper than shoe made in genuine leather. What the last terms, you will then also be included in the price, to the natural material forms after your foot, making them more comfortable to wear.

Fun for party and long lasting quality to everyday life. This is my starting point for bags.