How to Decorate a Bathroom in Ethnic Style

When we speak of ethnic style we refer to those types of furniture that remember and recall all the colors and shapes of exotic countries. Over the recent years more and more people who feel the need to bring in Italian furnishings or objects from distant countries, particularly from Africa so.

A trend that is not born recently, but populates the houses for some years. After an important trip at some locations distant and foreign, he felt the need to carry a memory of that land, a sort of memory about the experience lived.

Today, we are interested in a particular way furnishing of the entire home, but how to decorate a bathroom in ethnic style?

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First of all, you have to start from the sink.

Its shape will be round or elliptical, without exceeding the size. Ideally, it should create one using wood or polished stone.

Everything must be placed above a piece of furniture of wood, made in different colors compared to those of the sink, in order to give pleasant contrast games.

A piece of furniture with simple lines and remember the spartan style.

Let’s focus on the mirror, which must be designed with rounded edges and carved stone and then decorated.

However, you can also choose mirrors with original shapes, such as in the shape of the moon or sun, will adapt perfectly to the environment.

It seems trivial, but also his glass toothbrush holder is important, as well as the soap dish: small objects that should be wood, embellished with decorations.

Not consider the dispenser with respect to the soap, because far too modern for the style that you decided to give your bathroom.

Now it is the turn of the bathtub, which must be brought out quite prominently.

Get away from the idea of hot flush and covered with tiles, but we opt for materials such as stone and wood; as it regards the shape, the way clear for those round or square.

Decorate a bathroom in the ethnic style is not difficult, but you have to pay attention to all the most important details to make it complete.

First, we carefully choose the colors and the most appropriate coating for the floor and walls.

The objective is to make it less heavy space are therefore free to light shade away, such as gray.

Alternatively, black, brown, or you can also choose the red: it all depends on our personal tastes.

With regard to the tiles, single-fired tip of coatings with decorated tiles, characterized by bizarre shapes and authentic drawings.

As a final step we find the details: take a bowl made ​​of bamboo and fill it with stones.

It could be the key to rest on a shelf to give the place the much desired atmosphere: a house with an almost magical atmosphere, with colors and materials typical of far away places.