How to Decorate the House for Halloween

To decorate the house for a party on the occasion of Halloween, it does not take a lot of time and effort. Armed with our ideas, you can completely transform the interior of an hour.

Pendant Lights

To their own hands to make the main attribute of the holiday – a lantern Jack, need miniature pumpkins, a sharp knife and wire. First, carefully cut away the top of the pumpkin with a knife and a spoon scraping the flesh and cut a face. Then attach the wire to hang our lights. It remains only to put a candle inside a pill according to

Paper Pumpkin

Pumpkin for Halloween can be made of paper. To do this, cut any decorative paper on the same strip, seal it with a fan at one end, then flatten into a ball and seal the opposite ends. Top plant glue the cork from wine – get a ponytail pumpkin. The leaf can be cut out of green paper or felt.

Pumpkin Placers

Festive table on Halloween is such a vase decorate with decorative pumpkins. All that is required of you – is to wrap each plodik beautiful braid.

“Living” Sunflowers
Funny Halloween faces can appear not only on the pumpkins, but also on the sunflowers. Cut out paper parts and glue them to the core of each flower, it turned to face.


To produce such a need candlestick glass vase or glass and paper in two colors – yellow and orange. From the orange using a stencil cut out scary or funny face. Then wrap the first vessel of yellow paper, and then orange.

Witch’s Hat
One of the symbols of All Saints’ Day – cone witch hat. Produce can be made ​​of colored paper or felt. Bottom fringe attach witches hair – the brighter the color is, the better.