How to Differentiate Jewellery and Jewelry

How to differentiate a jewel that does not possess metals or precious stones from a jewelry? This is a question that appears at the time of the purchase. With the use of new materials, the border between jewellery and jewelry is increasingly tenuous. “Designers can use all sorts of material, but for work to be regarded as a jewel they need to flee the banality and seek exclusivity,” affirms the IBGM style consultant (Brazilian Institute of Gems and Precious metals), Regina Machado.

For her, consumers can easily identify the costume jewelry. “She has a different function. You came to the world to rejoice, but 1 hour you leave it aside and buy another. Eat jewelry is the opposite: people want it to stay. It’s a memory reservoir, which counts forever the thrill of a certain moment, “he says.


The first difference between jewelry and jewellery is even aesthetic, and here it is necessary to “have an eye” to recognise the good design, the cultural information embedded in the play, the idea. Moreover, the jewel has to have a permanence stature, it is hoped that it will be lasting, with or without the old and “eternal” diamonds. New unusual materials need to be treated to become durable according to cachedjewelry.

Jewelry-Jewelry, at least for the consultant Regina Machado, has a significant percentage of precious metals that have tradition in jewelry as silver, titanium and of course, gold. Work with new materials such as feathers, seeds, brass or wood has to seek exclusivity.

Warranty is crucial, as well as the form of exposure and presentation of the play. The consumer must seek shops and artists who undertake the warranty and give maintenance tips for the play.

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