How to Dress Pregnant Woman

Co-founder of the French brand “De Moi Month”, specializing in maternity wear, and herself young mother Sidonie Dumoulin reveals his sartorial tips to feel both elegant and comfortable when you are pregnant.

Feel feminine in comfortable outfits, this is the essence of “From month to me”, brand of specialized clothing for pregnant women. That is why we asked its founder, Sidonie Dumoulin, to coach us to help us take the right look and feel good in our body throughout the period of pregnancy.

1 – Investing in Basic Good

A pregnant woman should have at least a dress, leggings and a tunic in her wardrobe. These are pieces that are beautiful, essential and comfortable that we will be able to easily carry throughout the nine months. Three strategic and stylish outfits which are then accessorize with belts, headbands and shirts for varying styles.

2 – Place the Flexible and Light Materials

For holding both feminine and comfortable, we must focus on soft, light and elastic materials that are going to accompany us throughout our pregnancy. Generally, the focus is on all types of jersey.

3 – Opt for Flattering Cuts

Pregnant, whatever our morphology, we must rely on flattering cuts and play the card of femininity. Putting our curves in value will help us better we accept and feel more beautiful. And, indeed, a top bent to the chest highlight the curve of our belly and we will reveal more to our advantage than loose clothing that will tend to magnify us. It should also try to create a balance in our figure by wearing a top near the body with flared trousers and, conversely, soft leggings with a tunic. Read more on

4 – Tricks to Keep Her Pregnancy Clothes until the End

In general, it is from the third month , when the button jeans difficulty in closing that we turn to specialized clothing for pregnant women. In theory, they are supposed to accompany us from start to finish but we must anticipate the belly of volume that we will take to invest in the right size. Then it is better to invest in some quality pieces rather than a cheap shopping raid in early pregnancy and then have to restock his dressing over months because the clothes do not fit on the long term.

5 – Is Wearing Heels Outlawed?

Personally, I wore heels to the end of my pregnancy. Obviously, it is sure that the dish is to advocate but, occasionally, if it makes us feel good to wear heels or wedges, why should we deprive ourselves? Everything depends on women, styles and desires of each. See especially if your back and your feet you authorize it.

6 – How to Choose a Swimsuit

The belly skin is more fragile during pregnancy, should be avoided wearing the bikini for not exposing his canteen in the sun. There are also some very nice suits “one-piece” specialized for pregnant women. For example, the swimwear brand for women, mothers and children “The ultraviolet”, which, as its name suggests, axis of materials protecting our skin from UV rays while offering attractive models both and comfortable.

7 – What Is the Oeko-Tex Label?

The Oeko-Tex label restricts the use of harmful substances and protects the skin more fragile pregnant women through quality and superior manufacturing conditions. But if we go through this label for the manufacture of our clothing is also to sensitize our clients to a cleaner consumption approach that follow beyond pregnancy.

8 – Maternity Wear vs Breastfeeding Clothes

Increasingly tops are designed to suit both the pregnancy and breastfeeding, incorporating a double neck for example. That said, a t- shirt V-neckline slightly can sometimes be enough to breastfeed her child without having to dip into maternity wear or specialist for breastfeeding.