How to Find the Perfect Shirt

To find the right shirt, three key features are decisive: fit, collar and cuffs. The substance is the finishing touch to the perfect shirt.

The fit

First you should ask yourself the basic question: I like it cozy or form-fitting? A wide and comfortable cut finds man under the name Comfort Fit, a fashionable fitted cut draws the Modern Fit Shirt from. For fashion-conscious men, there is the very figure-hugging, narrow cut Slim Fit.

The collar

The collar should fit both an opportunity as well as the accessories. A wide apart standing collar as the Kent-collar accommodates a wider tie knots and is ideal for meetings. The classic is the Basic Kent collar with a narrow collar position. It can accommodate a simple tie knot and fit for formal business shirt on mensshirtsshop. The shark collar is very widely spread, the collar points form a 90-degree angle. It can also be worn without a tie and fits especially to slim suits. For smoking heard a white gala shirt with wing collar, because it is filled with a black bow tie. The button-down collar is a very sporty collar variant and is worn without a tie. A shirt with this collar variant is well suited for leisure or on casual Friday.

The cuff

Each shirt includes the sleeves from the cuff. For tuxedo or in higher positions to wear shirts with double cuffs. These are noble with cufflinks closed. In the leisure and everyday office one usually wears shirts with Two button – or sports cuff. Here, the substance is one or two buttons, which are arranged either side by side or one behind the other, closed. Sporty leisure and business shirts are with these cuffs equipped. A special variant is the so-called combi cuff. These can be closed with both the two successively sewn buttons, as also be worn with cufflinks.

The fabric

For formal work wear fine may checkered or noble striped shirts are worn with a plain-colored shirt is always on the safe side and on festive occasions only the white shirt Gala is attached. Coarse materials such as Oxford or herringbone are ideal for sports shirts. Finer fabrics that feel soft and smooth, like poplin or batiste, are more suitable in the office everyday.