How to Have More Memory on The HTC HD7

It was a rumor that ran long ago by the specialized forums in Windows Phone 7, but the recent tutorial out to light in the Forum of XDA-developers It makes clear that were well certain speculations that the memory of the Windows Phone 7 is just a micro sd inaccessible to the user. In this case demonstrate the step 8-gigabyte of the HTC HD7 to 32 gigabytes without many complications.

In the tutorial we indicate as partially dismantling an HTC HD7 to gain access to the internal memory, which is not more than a micro sd Sandisk class 2 inserted in a conventional reading slot, as you can have in any other mobile market.

View the video at the original site.

This shows on the one hand as high capacity memory cards to fall in price, it will be fairly simple logo, the HTC HD7, in different capacities that we see this ship (as if it were a Samsung Galaxy S). And on the other to justify in a way that do not bring in the form of slot micro SD memory expansion, as in the background already has an integrated sd reader.

The tutorial describes how just removing a pair of rear parts of mobile accesses the reader and You can substitute with astonishing ease the SD of the HD7 series. I have tried the same on my HTC Trophy but doesn’t seem so simple dismantle, although it is true that the 8-gigabyte that come standard can remain short without the possibility of increasing them, for now.