How to Have Sustainable Exterior Lighting?

A product can be considered sustainable when there is a combination of factors to which cause the least possible or no impact to the environment, as the method of production, the durability and the raw material used. The LED complies with these and other measures that make it more sustainable lighting system, currently being produced with no heavy metals or toxic and have a high durability. A good quality LED bulb can last up to 50,000 hours, more than 30 times the offered by a standard bulb.

That’s why, when it comes to outdoor lighting, the choice of LED is the best option, both for your pocket, thanks to energy saving, and to the planet. You can combine the use of LED lamps with other sustainable practices to be more friendly to the environment according to LEDLIGHTSCLASSIFIED.COM.

  • Enjoy as much as possible the natural light of day;
  • Use light circuits with a large number of sessions;
  • Place of presence sensors in strategic places;
  • Use timersand dimmers to control the time that the LED is lit and your brilliance.

Outdoor lighting tips

Depending on the space you want to illuminate the LED to be used varies. Our team specializes in project planning of LED lighting, so we’ll share with you some valuable tips on how best to put your sustainable exterior environments lamps.


Is a condo of houses or buildings, says a lot about how he is careful. Gatehouses, access to cars or pedestrians, streets, parks and even the garage are important places that need quality lighting and at the same time, is sustainable. The final factor is critical, because as the condominium is a great space, a lot of energy is consumed, but when using LED light bulbs, it is no longer a concern.

The timers are a good idea for places such as common areas and lounges, since the time when the lamp is switched on automatically, which eliminates the risk of someone forgetting to turn off and have a high light.


In the houses, outside lighting serves as both as decorative element of security. You can put lights on the road that leads to the front door with a presence sensor or even in the garage. In the garden, lighting becomes essential at night because the transforms in a space more enjoyable. So, to bring guests or have meetings with your family, you feel more relaxed and can enjoy a beautiful night.


The lighting both inside and outside of a shop or Office makes a lot of difference in how the public perceives the establishment. The facade is the first impression that people have about your company, then invest in good lighting worth. Type spot lamps are great for highlighting the name or logo of the trade, for example.

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