How to Highlight and Contour Your Body

Before we begin to look at the detail, we will have to start with the overall picture. If you do not have a good overview of how your entire body looks like, you do not have the starting point for working with, what you would like to highlight.

If you do not already have stood naked in front of the mirror and looked upon your body and learned to know, this is where it all starts. Perhaps this is difficult for you, because you do not like your body. Maybe you break you not on your body, because it doesn’t look like the body that sits on the usual women’s ideal that it is prevalent in our culture. Solely for the reason that you have a plus sign in front of your size.

All bodies are right
But let us then turn it firmly with the same thing: there is not a real body. There is not a right way to look at that woman. Nothing is right or wrong. That is you and your body, and your body has just as much right to be here as bodies that do not have a plus sign in front of the size. It is precisely here, where you can make a difference in his own life: Namely by looking at your body with friendly eyes and do plus into something positive, because it is now a time is a part of you. For your body doesn’t go away. It is there also, even if you choose to ignore it and cover it to.

Do you need a little help getting started, you can read or reread our article about Tess Holliday: Size 52 with a model contract. You can also look at the article Instagram: Here you are both thick and beautiful.

These articles is just to make it clear that there is not a woman’s body, which is the right one, and that is happening right much compared to put focus on a woman’s body is so much more than the traditional and prevailing beauty ideal that can fit a traditional dress size.

With the knowledge, you can control how you’d like to have people’s attention when they’re looking at you.

If you’d like to highlight your upper body, you select of parts in light/strong colors or with print/solid color to a dark bottom.

You can attract more attention to your upper body by using big necklaces and eye-catching earrings.

If you’d like to highlight your lower body chooses you bottoms in light/strong colors or with print to a dark/solid-colored uppers.

You can attract more attention to your lower body by dropping the black shoes and use shoes with cube on colors instead. Do you have any skirt or dress on, you can also attract attention on the lower body by replacing the black tights with patterned or stockings in a strong colour.

My virtues

Have you guessed what I think, there are my strengths – otherwise, let me reveal that it is my legs and my face. The last highlight I with my beloved red lipstick. Currently I use Rimmel Lasting Finish By Kate Lipstick 022.

SHOPPING – highlight the upper body

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Top, up to size 52, ca. 325 USD + shipping, Marks & Spencer

Shirt, up to size 52, 499 DKK, Violeta

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Highlight the lower body –

Skirt blue, up to size 50, ca. 390 USD + shipping, Monsoon

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Skirt flower/animal print, up to size 54/56, 349.95 USD + shipping, W. O. W by Zizzi

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General: body types
When you’ve looked good and incoming on your body, you get a clear sense of your body type. In the past we have created a guide with tips and tricks to help you on a comprehensive plan can use your attire to create harmony in overall appearance – you can find them here.

And remember it so – these guides is not a dictation, it is inspiration. Choose what you think works for you and forget about the rest. In the end, the most important thing of all in relation to your attire that your clothes make you feel good about yourself.

General: the BRA – the important foundation
No matter what clothes you take on is a good and supportive bra it Foundation that gets your clothes to sit nice and at the same time gives you the position and shape.
Here you can read more about choosing the important BRA, and where you can buy bra ’ is in large sizes:
Avoid mis-selling, when you must have the new bra

The positive plus: Yes, you may well be happy for your body
The positive plus: Gi ’ prejudices about clothes for thick a los in stand

If you are in doubt ABOUT the FOREIGN STØRRELER? Check out our sizing guide

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