How to Increase the Life of Your Earrings

It is common for women to complain that their semi-precious earrings have a short shelf life. This is because the holes in the ears produce a natural sebinho as a form of protection against the earrings – our body thinks they are invaders. Here are some tips on what women can do to increase the durability of their semi-jewels.

The Joker Earring

Make it a habit to always keep a pair of earrings in your ears, preferably small and discreet. In addition to always walking with a joker accessory, your ear will always be accustomed to these beautiful “invaders”. This tip is not good for maintaining the life of the parts, but it helps to keep your furrow open.

Alcohol never

Never use alcohol to clean your earrings. Semi-jewels are fragile products, and depending on whether they are plated or plated, using alcohol to clean them will shorten their life. They end up peeling and consequently causing inflammations in their ears.

The same goes for other chemicals

Acetone, moisturizing creams, arnica, toothpaste are also products that commonly the female public indicates to friends how to properly clean their earrings. I do not know which is worse: toothpaste or acetone, which may even look like they cleaned on the spot, but after some time repeating the process, you will see that they accelerate deterioration of the parts.

How to clean then?

The most recommended is to pick up a clean flannel, which preferably you just allow for this, moisten it with water and remove the apparent dirt.After passing the wet cloth, do not forget to dry the semi jewelry. Leaving her wet can reduce her life as well.

Remove Earrings

At bath time, it is best to remove the accessories, wash the hole well. It is good to clean the semi jewelry before putting it back on. Bathing the pieces causes the soap to create a thin film over them making them opaque.

Also avoid contact between your jewelry and cleaning products and abrasives. Do not go to the beach or the pool wearing earrings. Sand, sea salt and chlorine can do harm. When it comes to passing perfume, remove them and put them on only after the perfume has dried, after all the perfume has alcohol and other components that also reduce the life of the pieces.

When you do any capillary treatment, be it moisturizing, progressive brushing or any other procedure, such as painting, for example, remove your semi-jewels. Hair products usually carry a very strong chemical load, and may dictate the end of their useful life.

Remove your earrings to sleep too, you can move in the bed and cause twists, tugs or folds; You can either damage your accessories or get hurt.Another thing to worry about is if you sweat too much. It is best for necklaces and bracelets, but the earrings can not be left out either. The sweat in bulk can be damaging to your semi jewels, so no gym is all emperequetada!

Other tips

Remember that semi-jewelry care is more specific because it is not massive, that is, it is not made exclusively of noble metals. So much of the care I mentioned above does not necessarily have to be applied to your true jewels.

Now, in the matter of humidity: it can damage your semi jewels inside the box in which you keep them. This can be avoided: put a piece of school chalk inside it, the ones teachers use to write on the blackboard. That material sucks out all the moisture, protecting the earrings and other accessories.