How to Keep Your Makeup Brushes

How to clean make-up brushes

The makeup is a daily process for many women. The techniques and products used, even by professionals, are more affordable these days, giving anyone their uses. But not enough cosmetics, one must also know how to use them, and for that, the brushes carry out your role.

Some products such as shadows and blushes come with the brush used to apply them, but actually it takes a brush more evolved to ensure best results. Foundations, powders and correction also require specific brushes for application. You know how to take care of your brushes? Good conservation will make them last longer and do not accumulate dirt, inhibiting the existence of bacteria.

The first thing to do to save your makeup brushes is wash them often via That’s right, if you have the habit of using them every day, for example, it is recommended that you wash them at least once a week. To make their hygiene, apply shampoo and rinse under running water. Watch out for the water does not reach the cable, this causes the bristles do not loose any time soon. Some people indicate use bath oil together in the wash to not dry out the bristles. Let it dry naturally and store in a cool place.

Keep your brushes in airy places away from moisture, so the bathroom is not an environment suitable to leave them. Keep them in the room, for example, in a door, always with the brushes bristles up, so they don’t get crushed.